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The Freedom of Silence ~ CFDb Movie Review

The Freedom of Silence ~ CFDb Movie Review


The Freedom of Silence

The Freedom of Silence is a Christian feature-length film that is set in the near future when religious freedoms have continued to be taken away until Christianity is effectively outlawed – churches everywhere are closed & replaced with a Universal “less offensive” church.

The story chronicles one man’s journey, Zach Thompson, who makes a daring stand for truth. With the help of his friend Aaron, a Navy Seal with expert computer skills, Zach devises a plan to breach the government’s lock down on religious broadcasts. But his proclamation of faith comes with a heavy price.

Now, imprisoned by the ruthless government official Captain Johansen, Zach must fight for his life, his friends, and his precious wife and children. But even with death pounding at his door, Zach must complete his mission – a mission from which, he may never return.

The Freedom of Silence is a riveting story, one which will churn the fires for freedom in us all!


Sneak Preview

We weren’t quite sure what to expect from this film, but we were pleasantly surprised!  We really enjoy end time movies.  You may find the beginning a little slow at times but stick with it, because it’s worth it!

Even though this is a serious film, there are plenty of humorous moments throughout which really adds to the film.

One statement in the film talked about giving the verdict first, evidence later.  I have to admit a majority of people think this way whether they admit it or not.  We are quick to judge, even as Christians but we cannot read the hearts.  We have to be very careful about judging others because we may find ourselves doing the same things we condemned.  We need to truly learn to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

I really love to watch people of faith standing for what they believe in.  There are MANY people in other countries that are suffering persecution every day, but it will be here in the US as well…soon.  To quote from Pilgrim’s Progress, “Sooner that we think, but longer than we wish.”  (That was referring to Jesus’ return but the persecution does have to happen before He comes so I believe it applies to this as well.)  I don’t know about you but I’m ready to go home!

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  1. Debra Brown says
    01 November 12, 6:52pm

    Looking forward to seeing this!

  2. Viorel says
    02 November 12, 7:37am

    I want to watch this movie

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