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“The Least of These” ~ CFDb Recommendation & Review

The Least of These

Jim is the fading, emotionally isolated owner of an all-night diner. In his mid 50s, he moves more like he’s 112. He spends most of his time hiding in the kitchen trying to avoid his wife and the routine banter of his regular patrons a ragtag bunch of bums, college students, club hoppers, runaways, lonely hearts, geezers, and even a few local working girls. It’s the same old, same old.

But this night, about two in the morning, some guy from out of town walks in and innocently orders a cup of coffee and a cherry danish. The regulars have a good time harassing the rookie, but he’s too lost in his own thoughts to notice. All this changes when Shannon a weathered, low-rent hooker well into her 30s shuffles in with two of her friends and takes a seat at the counter, right next to the first-timer. Soon after, a simple idea permanently shatters the dull routine of Jim’s diner. The same old, same old? Not tonight. Not ever again.

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Take a good look at the picture above – what do you see? I see someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s mother, someone’s friend.  My heart breaks for these woman who exploit themselves, whether by choice, by coercion, or by force…sexual slavery.  God loves them and so should we!

This short film is based on a true story and it’s a powerful one!  Don’t miss it.  Let this film change your life just as Jesus Words in Matthew 25:40 – And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

How can you make a difference in someone’s life, even a stranger?  May God give us the wisdom to reach the lost.  Jesus died for every person on this planet.  If we each reach those in our path, the Gospel would be spread all around the World and through love and mercy!


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