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The Pilgrim’s Progress for Children – Giveaway & CFDb Review

The Pilgrim’s Progress

Join Christian on his journey to the Celestial City

Join young Christian on his journey to the Celestial City in this animated adaptation of the timeless tale. Fearing the city will soon be destroyed by fire, Christian sets out on the path he has read about in the Bible. He encounters many friends and enemies as he struggles through the Slough of Despond, climbs the Hill of Difficulty, battles Apollyon, suffers at the hands of Vanity Fair, escapes the Castle of Doubt, and endures the many incredible experiences that carry him to his destination.

An allegory of the pilgrimage all followers of God must make, THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS presents John Bunyan’s classic novel through the entertaining animation of artist Scott Cawthon.



CFDb Thoughts

This is a children’s version of “Pilgrim’s Progress”, one of my all time favorite books, although I have to admit, I’ve only read the easier version and listened to on tape an easier version as well.  The original version is a little hard to read because of the way it’s written.  Still a true classic.

So…how is this one different?  It is the easiest version to understand.  They make it simple, the simplest I’ve ever seen.

This film is VERY Christian and I would highly recommend this for children.  It’s make the Christianity obvious, it really goes into detail about what Christianity is, how you become a Christian and so much more.  It even explains sin so a child can understand it.

This film really brings hope back into your heart!

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  1. Tom says
    08 May 12, 5:20am

    Great story. I’m sure the childrens version will be great too!

  2. JC says
    09 May 12, 6:38am

    A great tool to use for ministry and education!

  3. Sharon says
    11 May 12, 5:46am

    It is so cool to have this addition to Christian animation. I would really like to see it.

  4. Annelie says
    16 May 12, 8:44am

    Congratulations to Cheryl, our winner!


  5. Vladimir says
    15 December 12, 4:05am

    Please consider also interactive book application project based on The Pilgrim’s Progress novel by John Bunyan. Designed for Ipad
    Suggested Age Group: 9 to 12

    More info: The Pilgrim’s Progress App

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