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“The Potential Inside” ~ CFDb Recommendation & Review

The Potential Inside

Reeling with grief in the wake of a tragic automobile accident, retired veteran cyclist, Chris Carmik, is given an opportunity he doesn’t want, to train a rookie cycling prodigy.

Preoccupied with battling his own inner demons, Chris reluctantly acclimates the prodigy, named Jake, to the fast paced world of Bicycle Racing.

Using cutting edge technology and scientific training methods, Chris transforms Jake into a top contending cyclist; however, he struggles to teach Jake the most important lesson prominent in all champions – finding the true potential inside.


Sneak Preview

The Potential Inside

This is a movie of determination and finding your faith in the midst of tragedy. Never underestimate the power of a friendship is another underlying theme throughout this film. We all can be witnesses for Him, through our words, through our lifestyle, through our friendship.

This movie deals with a lot of different issues, especially family issues.

One special quote in the beginning that I loved, “Life is like a bicycle race.  You’ve got to learn to navigate in order to stay on the course.”

What is an awakening moment for me is when he is disappointed by a loss in racing and he looks over at the person who won and there is NO kind look, no congratulations, it’s reality – and it’s human, but definitely NOT the way a Christian should be.  We are not to be competitive, we’re all on the same course, we’re to have the same goals, to love others, and bring others to Jesus, to live our lives in such a way that we reveal Jesus to others.  (I’m not saying that this man is or isn’t a Christian at this point during the film, don’t want to give away any spoilers!)  It’s a moment to think about!  (On a personal note, there was a time when I had to quit playing games because I recognized that I was becoming too annoyed or even upset when I wasn’t winning and I KNEW that wasn’t a Christ-like attitude to have.)

One other thing about this film that brings out what our true potential is.  I believe that there are very few people on this planet that are really living up to their full potential, the way God intended us to.  Something else to think about!  We put limits on ourselves where God has only put possibilities.

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  1. Laura Horton says
    09 February 13, 7:49pm

    would love to see this movie. 🙂

  2. mark luke says
    10 February 13, 1:02am

    A great movie depicting the fall and rise of a man not so different from anyone else. I recommend this movie to anyone who cycles ore is a Christian: even better if they are both.
    I wish more movies were made like this for the cycling community.

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