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“The Selfish Giant” ~ CFDb Recommendation & Review

The Selfish Giant

Oscar Wilde’s warm story about a little boy who softens a giant ogre’s heart and teaches him the value of sharing.



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This is a classic and fabulous!  I would highly recommend this for everyone to see.  This is a movie that really impacts your life and the lives of your children as well.  If you haven’t seen this yet, I would highly recommend it.

The only issue is that this particular version (my all time favorite) is only available on VHS.

This is also one that would be great to show in a group and discuss afterwards as well.


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This is the other version – still great!

A kindly grandfather uses author Oscar Wilde’s timeless tale “The Selfish Giant” to help his granddaughter discover the true meaning of Christmas. In this story of love and sacrifice, a cranky giant lets his hardened heart be softened by those around him and experiences the joy that giving of oneself can bring. Children — and parents — of all ages will be enchanted by this charming parable and its strong Christian message.

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Have you seen this one?  If so, what did you think about it?  Don’t give away any teasers!

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