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“The Victor Marx Story” ~ CFDb Recommendation & Review

The Victor Marx Story

Born to an absentee father who was a pimp and a drug dealer; who didn’t claim him as his own child, Victor Marx was left for dead in cooler by a child molester at the age of 5 in the deep South. By the time he was a teenager , Victor endured abuse from several step-fathers, attended 14 different schools and lived in different houses. He was doing drugs in school in an effort to escape the emotional pain of his childhood.

As an adult, Victor was diagnosed with mental illness and PTSD. It seemed as if there was no way out. He could have chosen to remain a victim. Instead he learned what it means to become victorious.

Victor travels the world as founder and President of All Things Possible, an national faith based organization. Using his expertise as a 7th Degree Black Belt in Keichu-Do- a mixture of Karate and Jiu-Jitsu and a 5th Degree in Weapons, Victor engages audiences of all types, delivering a powerful message of hope and restoration.


Sneak Preview

victor marx

If you don’t know about Victor Marx’ story or about All Things Possible ministry…don’t miss this fantastic documentary.

The elevator scene in the beginning is FANTASTIC and really gives you a desire to watch more…even a full length feature movie with Victor and his wife as the stars.  Very well done.

This is a powerful documentary about Victor’s life and how he uses his past to reach those youth in Juvenile Facilities.  What this ministry does really touched me because I have a real burden for the teenagers and especially those in prison but never knew what to do to reach out to them.  It makes sense that someone who understands their pain would be the best person to reach them.   We highly recommend this one!


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  1. Sharon Willeford says
    19 January 13, 7:48am

    I can say amen to this review. I think the writer is spot on and I am so glad so many churches are showing to the community. Our church has about 30 recovery people who come regularly and watched this video. I have never seen such a fantastic response. They were totally emotionally moved and related to Victor Marx Story. Everyone in the audience can relate to someone they need to forgive so the film will move everyone that watches it. Victor is very spell binding and easy to relate to immediately. I wish them all the success. This is a must see for all ages.

    I am also very excited it will be shown in San Antonio for Film Festival Feb 7th! It is up for a Christian film award. Pray with me that it will be seen a lot at the festival and voted best in its category.

    Sharon Willeford
    280 County Road 4104
    Jasper, AL 35503

  2. Eric says
    23 January 13, 6:29am

    This should be in the movie theaters for all to see!

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