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Thief in the Night Series – CFDb Review & Recommendation of Mark IV Films

Thief in the Night Series

One of the most spectacular and widely seen motion pictures of all time. Chilling prophecies come to life in this acclaimed thriller. Patty is a modern young woman living for the moment with little concern for the future … until she awakens one morning to find her husband gone and the radio reporting that millions of people have mysteriously vanished.

As dramatic earth-shaking events begin to unfold around her, Patty realizes she is living in the ‘End Times’ Adventure and suspense build to a thought-provoking climax in this powerful gripping film.

In Order – “A Thief in the Night”  “II: A Distant Thunder” “III: Image of the Beast”  “IV: The Prodigal Planet”  “V: The Battle of Armageddon

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This does NOT include the End Time Prophecy Chart.

CFDb Movie Review

Ok, now be honest…who HASN’T seen this all time classic series at least once in their lives?   I’m not even sure how many times I’ve seen this entire series or when was the first time I saw it!  Calling it a classic is an UNDERSTATEMENT!  People, after all these years, are still purchasing this film and even getting the End Time Guides that go along with the film.

If you’ve seen this film, then you remember this scene, picture above, from one of the series.  A powerful moment to be sure!  We personally never watched these films for the prophecy part of it because there are so many different ideas and interpretations of how exactly the end times will be and I think we will ALL be surprised when the time really comes.

Bottom line is – no matter what your theory or belief on the end times…these films are still great!

Remember the actor Thom Rachford who played Jerry and his lovely wife Diane?  She is actually his wife in real life as well and her real name is Maryann.  Now I have to share a funny story! My husband Roger was talking to Thom awhile back and then realized Thom was Jerry in the movie and told me and I said, of course I remember him.  My favorite character actually!

So, fast forward a few weeks and he needed to talk to Thom again and called him and asked for Jerry and they were saying that there was NO Jerry there.  Roger kept insisting (nicely, of course) that he just spoke to him the other day when he realized – OH I mean Thom – Jerry is his actor name.  I hope you are laughing about that!  We still laugh about that one!

For those of you who have NEVER seen this series – here is a trailer for #1 – A Thief in the Night

Watch the Film Trailer

A Thief in the Night V: The Battle of Armageddon

The final, cataclysmic events of the Tribulation.

The script is complete. The small Christian resistance is being systematically destroyed. Israel is under attack! The Antichrist is in Jerusalem! What can David and Reverend Turner do? What can anyone do? The end is near!

In the last days, Brother Christopher, the Antichrist, reigns over the whole world from Jerusalem. Through his Prophet, Elijah, he had ordered everyone to have his Mark placed on their forehead or their hand. Those who refused to worship the Antichrist were thrown in prison and put to death, but many created hideouts in caves and dens to protect themselves. The largest of these is the Jewish resistance Army fighting for survival at Petra in Edom.

While in Jerusalem, General Asharon, a mighty man who loves God and has kept the Faith, has built a stronghold beside the Temple Mount and with his family and 3000 men, women and children defies the Antichrist in the City.

To repulse the invasion of a huge Eastern Army, remove the General from Jerusalem and crush the Jewish resistance in Fortress Petra, the Antichrist brings the world’s armies to Megiddo. Hundreds of millions of soldiers, like locusts invade the land. The noise of their aircraft and tanks roar like a whirlwind. The people are frightened and unsure.

For three years, God had sustained the General and his band and they withstood the attacks of the Antichrist. Even when they were reduced to 300 and had no supplies, their enemies, still can not prevail against them. (Zech 12:8)

As the armies of the world approach Jerusalem, God raises up a man, David, full of courage and wisdom, who had used an electronic network to link together the believer’s hideouts, scattered worldwide. David was hiding in Arizona when he heard of the arrest of his friend the Rev. Turner, a prophetic expert. Turner’s last words to David were “Go to Jerusalem, attack from there”. So risking their lives David and Kathy, his assistant, fly a secret mission to Jerusalem. If they can get there in time, they believe they can attack the computer systems of the Antichrist from within his own Palace.

Surprisingly, Turner has not been killed but instead has been brought to Jerusalem to advise the Antichrist on prophetic events. Now under privileged detention inside the palace, Turner is able to help David avoid detection when he, Kathy and Michael, (the general’s son) secretly enter the palace and set up an electronic path into the antichrist’s master computer system.

Hour after hour, the battle draws nearer to the city, and finally the General’s defenses are breaking down. The mothers plead with him to plan an escape to Petra, so that at least the children might be saved. Will God reveal a means to escape?

In one final thrust, the Antichrist sends his Commandant, Jerry, with helicopters and tanks and orders to kill the Jewish remnant. Will God intervene in time?

As dawn breaks, a magnificent sight of might and power and glory appears in the eastern sky over the Mount of Olives. What will happen to the world armies?

What will happen to those who have taken the Mark? What will happen to the Jewish remnant? What happens to the Antichrist and False Prophet? What will happen to the earth? Where are the believers? Will there be a new kingdom?

“The Battle of Armageddon” is the 5th movie in the soul winning, award winning “A Thief in the Night” end time’s prophecy series. This beloved movie series prayerfully based on the book of Revelations and other scriptural prophecies has gripped audiences around the world while being the catalyst to bring millions to Christ.

“The Battle of Armageddon” is now ready for production. Russ Doughten has planned this mega project for many years, but only now is the technology available to cope with the awesome graphics this movie demands while being economically feasible.

Much attention has been focused on The Rapture of the Christians and many films have dramatized that glorious event. But now it is time to show the world what it will be like in the closing days of the great tribulation.

“The Battle of Armageddon” is a major Christian evangelistic movie designed to reach millions with the Gospel. It will be produced by Russ Doughten Films and distributed worldwide by Mustard Seed International. Mustard Seed International believes this film will bring an untold number of people to the Lord as have the other “Thief” movies and is working hard to see “The Battle of Armageddon” made. You can be a part of this thrilling and life changing motion picture through your prayers and your tax-deductible donations.

We are really looking forward to this film coming out, as we know you all are!

If you are interested in purchasing any of the Thief in the Night Series on DVD separately direct from CFDb, click below and make sure the type in the comments which DVD you are purchasing.  Each DVD is only $19.95!  If you want to purchase more than 1, but do not want the entire series, contact us and we’ll make a deal for you or pay for the items and we’ll give you a partial refund off your price!

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#1 in the series “A Thief in the Night

#2 in the series “II: A Distant Thunder

#3 in the series “III: Image of the Beast

#4 in the series“IV: The Prodigal Planet


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Mark IV is basically the only company that we partner with in order to help sell their films directly from CFDb!

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