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Thought Provoking Short Films by Solid Ground Studios

Thought Provoking Short Films by Solid Ground Studios


Solid Ground Studios started it’s first production with an experimental film version of the book, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer in 2011. Later in the same year we filmed Frontier Christmas, a story about the joy of giving. We followed this with a large step in quality by creating Marooned over 2012. Marooned told the story of a Christian governess and her unsaved pupils who were castaway in the South Pacific. In August of 2013 we created a film trailer of the book Tom Sawyer for a contest. This is now on the You Tube channel. Another project, Letters and a Rose, was completed in the fall of 2013. This film was an official selection at the Christian Worldview Film Festival and Headwaters Film Festival. Solid Ground Studios goal is to create uplifting family-friendly entertainment that glorifies God. We strive to fulfill this goal in every detail.


Angels to Spare Us – On Christmas Eve in 1881, Matt Miles is sulking because he didn’t get the rifle he wanted for a present. He is summoned out into the cold by his Pa to go help a neighbor. Matt is shocked by the plight of the widow and her four young children. Will Matt’s attitude change so he can serve the widow before it is too late? Will Matt spread the hope of Christmas or ignore her problem?

You may recognize this story.  It’s a powerful story and really makes you think about what your priorities are in life.  Definitely shows how we are supposed to treat our neighbors and live like Jesus.  It also brings about how important it is how WE live, because our children follow what we do, NOT what we say.

This one would be a great tool for teaching.  It’s almost 13 minutes long.


Letters and a Rose – The Ultimate Decision . . .Sergeant Edward Martin receives a letter from an unknown woman while in the American Civil War. As they correspond, Sergeant Martin falls deeply in love with the woman whose picture he has never seen, yet whose mind and soul he greatly admires. At the close of the war he goes to her home town to meet her. His anxiety and hope climaxes as he enters the general store and tries to determine which woman is his authentic love.

This will be another one you may recognize.  It’s only 7 minutes long. I’ll talk more about this particular story below:

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 Book and the Rose

This is another movie about the same story as above only it’s 29 minutes long.  Now I know this is based of a short story by Max Lucado so it must have some spiritual significance only I can’t seem to find it.

I really want your thoughts about this film or to share what you know about it.

I don’t really like the test she gives at all because it seems to be such an insult to the woman who is told to wear the rose.  They purposely pick someone they think the guy wouldn’t be attracted to.  That just seems so wrong to do or am I the only one that thinks that????

I realize I can Google this and probably find out the answer…LOVE Google but I want to know what you think without Googling it.

So PLEASE share with me your thoughts about this short story in particular.  Tell me what does it really mean.

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  1. 21 May 14, 10:28pm

    I agree that the test seems cruel both to the young man, who is just learning to trust his potential love and to the woman who wears the rose. I would be a twist if he were to fall in love with the older woman and not pursue the original woman. After this, it could be a takeoff from Cyrano. Do you love the poet or his words?

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