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‘Time to Run’ – CFDb Movie Review

‘Time to Run’ – CFDb Movie Review

Time to Run

Originally seen by more than 6 million people in theaters, Time to Run is the powerful coming-of-age story of Jeff Cole (Randall Carver, There Will Be Blood, Taxi), a student environmentalist who shames the legacy of his father (Ed Nelson, Runaway Jury, Peyton Place).

Jeff abandons everyone who loves him, including his girlfriend Michelle (featuring Barbara Sigel in a Golden Globe-nominated performance). On the run from his family, the authorities, and–most of all–God, Jeff finally confronts the deep hole in his life that only one thing can fill.

Sneak Preview

  Time to Run,

This is one of Billy Graham’s older Christian films and just a few months ago someone e-mailed me looking for this film.  It was only available on VHS as of that date. Thanks to Wesscott Marketing Corporation, these classic Billy Graham films have been released and this is just one of them!  ‘Time to Run’ has that hippie feel to it.

My favorite part of this film was really the appeal at the end.  I love the way Billy Graham puts himself in his films at some point showing the way the main character ends up at a Billy Graham Crusade.

A couple of things I liked:

  • God being the Hound of Heaven.  We run from God but He doesn’t stop chasing us.
  • No time to get involved – we are just too busy in our daily lives to be the good Samaritan.  In other words, we are too busy to do what Jesus would do.  (That’s really sad and scary!)

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There is NO doubt as to Billy Graham’s motives for his films.  Evangelism!  When you watch a Billy Graham movie, you are usually in for a real treat.  Some of our favorite Christian movies were made by him.  Keep an eye out for more Billy Graham movie reviews.

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