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‘To Save A Life’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Highest Recommendation

‘To Save A Life’ ~ CFDb Movie Review
& Highest Recommendation



Jake is the most popular kid in school and has a promising future, but his world is rocked when tragedy strikes his childhood best friend. Now Jake is forced to ask, “Could I have saved him?” With help from a few new friends, he embarks on a journey to live a life of purpose, knocking down the sacred social barriers of high school life and befriending a loner, Jonny Garcia. But when Jonny’s life spirals out of control, will Jake have what it takes to stop him from the same tragic end? Can one person really make a difference?

‘To Save a Life’ is an indie movie depicting the real-life challenges of teens and their choices. Jim Britts, who has a film degree from Biola University in La Mirada, Calif., began writing the script in January 2007 after coming across so many hurting and lonely teens. As the film follows Taylor on his search, it addresses a host of issues, including suicide, peer pressure, divorce, teen pregnancy, abortion and the authenticity of Christians.


Sneak Preview

This is one of those MUST SEE films for young adults AND everyone else!  I even would recommend this one for children, but only after parents have seen the film and know the answers to the questions that will come up as a result of watching this intense movie!

This film takes on some serious issues that we are all facing today!  There is one scene I absolutely LOVE when Jake shares his thoughts with the youth group.  It’s a short, heated, one-way discussion that I WISH would be held in every youth group and church all around the world, but especially in America.

It’s time to WAKE up as Christians and start actually acting like Christians!

We’ve recently had a bunch of wildfires in Colorado where we live and right now we are on pre-evacuation notice that could change at any time.  What I’ve noticed more than anything throughout this terrible time is that people DO care, and sometimes the non-Christians MORE than the Christians.  OUCH!  I’m overwhelmed with thankfulness just at the kind offers that have been pouring our way since this first started.  People really are willing to go out of their way to offer assistance just in case we need it.  WOW!  Humankind at their best!

You would think, that professing Christians would be known at home, in the workplace, and in their community as really kind, generous people, always willing to go out of their way to help another human being in need.  I have to ask myself and everyone reading this blog, IS THIS YOU?  Would people say this about you?  This situation has caused me to truly evaluate my own Christian walk and ask these though questions.  I don’t want people to miss out on Heaven because I was a poor example of Christianity to them.  I would rather miss out on Heaven myself than the horrible thought of being the reason someone else missed it.

Sean Michael Afable & Kim Hidalgo are two of my favorite characters in this great film!  This scene is especially funny.  I hope you don’t miss this great film!  Great acting by everyone in this one!

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