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Top 10 CFDb Favorite Christian Movie Picks for 2012

top-10-filmsThese are the Top 10 CFDb picks for the year 2012 chosen directly from the Top 100 List!

10 – WWJD II – The Woodcarver

Great film showing how respect, love, hard work & Jesus can change a person. Great for teens too!

 9 – Christmas Angel

Love the whole concept of doing things for other and even better if it’s in secret. Also that people are hurting everywhere. Hurting people…hurt people.

 8 – Johnny

A real tearjerker with great faith and great friends. Funny, yet serious!

 7 – Marriage Retreat

This is great all around with humor and a great Christian message. Great for marriages. Pick out who you might be in this film!

 6 – Escape

Pure delight – Great Christian message – inspirational.

 5 – Letter Writer

We can make a difference in other people’s lives, even strangers. What this man does is AMAZING. Take note and pass this greatness along!

 4 – October Baby

Fantastic movie that really makes you think. Strong Christian message, another great all around movie.

 3 – Doonby

Although not out yet, got to preview this film and this is a keeper and a must see. Do NOT miss this film. It will really impact you. Surprises all around!

 2 – Unconditional

Fantastic Christian movie, if you missed it in the theater, you need to see this one. The ending is fantastic as well.

 1 – Courageous

The message doesn’t get much better than in this movie. Although a serious movie with a serious message, they added humor that was great! It’s rare that I’m laughing so hard during a film that I’m actually crying. That is what this film brings out.  It is true – Honor DOES Begin At Home!

Honorable Mention

Belle & The Beast

I really had a hard time not putting this one in my top 10 because I’ve watched this movie so many times I’ve lost count. Belle is the Christian I would like to be and there is so much humor throughout this film whenever I need a good laugh, I pull out this film and watch it again and again and again.


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