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Torchlighters: The Corrie Ten Boom Story ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

Torchlighters: The Corrie Ten Boom Story ~
CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation


Torchlighters: The Corrie Ten Boom Story

Torchlighters: The Corrie Ten Boom Story – Corrie Ten Boom and her family are masters of their craft; They repair broken watches and return them safely to their owners. But as the evil of World War II sweeps through their city, a new kind of “watch” comes to their care: an innocent Jewish baby, desperately needing protection from the cruelty of the new Nazi regime. How will the ten Booms keep this baby and many others out of harm’s way, and what will be the cost of serving God amidst unthinkable evils? When faith is tested, hope is tried, and love is strained, will Corrie’s God prevail? See her amazing story of courage, sacrifice, and forgiveness anew through this gripping episode of The Torchlighters.

Sneak Preview

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What a POWERFUL animation of a true story.  Here are a couple of things about this film that I loved:

  • The statement, “The Good Shepherd gave His life for the sheep, shall we do any less for His chosen people.”
  • No matter what happens, even the most difficult of situations, God is ALWAYS with us.
  • I didn’t realize how strong Corrie’s sister really was.  What an amazing example of a true Christian.
  • Powerful forgiveness in the midst of such terrible treatment the sister showed and Corrie shows many years later.
  • The fleas/lice story and thanking God for them and finding out later WHY they were truly indeed a blessing for the prisoners.  This was my favorite part of the film and really showed I Thessalonians 5:18 – In every thing give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
  • The sister’s attitude – “I’m ready, Thy will be done” – Over 15 years ago, Roger gave me a cartoon of a bunch of cattle on the way to a slaughterhouse and while everyone else was afraid, one of them was relaxed and had a silver reflector as if to get a suntan on the way to his destruction.  This is the type of peace that God can provide for us in any and all situations.
  • The quote from Corrie Ten Boom, “God does not have problems, only plans”.  What a family, what a woman, what faith.  I pray that we will all show this kind of faith and trust in God.

This film we highly recommend, for children too, but watch it with them so you can answer their questions about the holocaust.


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