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‘Torchlighters: The John Wesley Story’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Highest Recommendation

‘Torchlighters: The John Wesley Story’
~ CFDb Movie Review
& Highest Recommendation


The John Wesley Story

When young John Wesley is miraculously saved from his family’s burning home, his mother calls him a “brand plucked from the burning.” She believes God has spared the boy for a special purpose. As a man, Wesley tries to live out that special purpose on his own strength and good works, but it only brings frustration and failure.

Finally, after years of struggle, Wesley embraces saving grace! But his new message is not welcome in the established churches. Will John break all the rules and take his message outside the church walls to the needy and outcast? Find out in this action-paced episode of The Torchlighters, featuring the founder of the Methodist movement.

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Make sure you watch this film, and show your children as well.  Here were some highlights:

  • Informative and intriguing.
  • Singing in the most severe of trials and the impact it had on John Wesley’s life.
  • Preaching to the people inside the church and how they responded.
  • Preaching to the people outside and their reactions.
  • John and his brother Charles and how they came to true faith.
  • The way John treated those who were coming after him to hurt him.

This is a film that really touched my heart, as well as changed my life.  John Wesley’s struggle has been my own for quite some time, and I’m guessing, I’m not the only one.  This film sparked a serious conversation between Roger and I.  Here is what I understand after our lengthy discussion about salvation.


This is what salvation is like(after we’ve confessed our sins and accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior)…  Each morning we move out in faith (still clinging to Jesus) from our place of safety (the strong tower or the foxhole, which is our retreat…or our salvation spot).  We head off to the battle and we win some and we lose some, but we always return at the end of the day to our place of safety to regroup, to confess our sins, to be strengthened for the next battle.

The danger for us is when we are walking in the opposite direction of God and His Word.  Otherwise we are walking towards God and His ways, growing and learning like a child does.  That is what sanctification is…the work of a lifetime.


We must rely on Jesus for everything and that is what truly brings us peace.  The explanation above may not explain it perfectly for everyone, but for me, it brought me such peace knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt I was saved.  I understood what Charles and John Wesley both experienced.  I didn’t realize I was struggling with this until I watched this cartoon.

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