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‘Touched By An Angel’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Touched By An Angel’ ~
CFDb Movie Review


Touched By An Angel

The inspirational CBS television drama TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL stars Della Reese, Roma Downey, and John Dye as a trio of celestial beings sent to earth by God to aid people in distress. Disguising themselves as mere mortals, guardian angels Tess (Reese), Monica (Downey), and Andrew (Dye) maneuver themselves into the lives of their human wards and attempt to revive feelings of faith, hope, and wonder.


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This is a series where every episode shows the need for God.  This series is such a powerful series and I need to share how this series impacted me personally.

There was a time when Roger & I lived off the grid.  This included no cable/phone/mail/electricity or running water without the use of a generator.  Really roughin it!  During this time Roger’s mom taped a whole bunch of Touched by an Angel episodes for us.  Through our battery system and VHS player…yes VHS…we would watch a lot of these right in a row.

Things were rough for me spiritually during this time and I was really struggling with God and thought that He had abandoned me.  One night I cried myself to sleep with this thought on my mind of abandonment and said out loud to Roger, “He promised”.  (Claiming a particular Promise in the Bible for many months but not seeing any answers).

That night God allowed me to have my own Touched by an Angel dream and I was the main subject.  I only remember the very end – on the steps of a building an angel came to me and said, “God loves you!”  3 times the angel spoke these words to me and I woke up and said, “God loves me!”  I really got the message this time and shortly thereafter we sold our home, moved back into town and God answered that Promise.

One of my favorite episodes has to do with Halloween.  This one reveals the evils of Tarot Cards and explains how horoscopes and things associated with the occult are very dangerous.  They did a fabulous job on that episode and the message was strong.  Don’t forget to watch this one!

Although Jesus is almost never mentioned or shown in this series, God is.  That may disturb a lot of people but the truth is, every episode does stress the fact that God loves us and when that seed is sown, that is a good thing and does Glorify Him.  Now we need to pray that people watching this series recognize WHO that God is…Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour!

Another fabulous episode is the 151st Psalm.  Prepare to cry at that one!

Our other favorite ones are the ones where they specifically take on the devil, who comes in many different disguises, a man, a woman, a lion.

Now you can get the ENTIRE series in one set!


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