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‘Towards Belief’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Towards Belief’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


Towards Belief

Towards Belief – is a 10 episode series addressing the top belief blockers of our time – the most frequently cited reasons that many have lost confidence in the Church and its message.

Featuring interviews with over 30 leading academics, apologists, authors and pastors including, Professor John Lennox, Erwin McManus, Os Guiness, Nicky Gumble, Joel A’Bell and many others.

Sneak Preview

Towards Belief-new-72dpi

This documentary covers a LOT of information – Defusing the Top Belief Blockers of Our Time -Ten Segments on Two DVD’s with Discussion Guide.

Here are the ten topics covered:

  • Suffering
  • The Bible
  • Supernatural
  • Religious Violence
  • Exclusive Faith
  • Church Abuse
  • Science & God
  • Homosexuality
  • The Church
  • Towards Belief

This film touches on the real tough topics of our time. If you or someone you know struggle with any of these issues, make sure and watch this DVD that will answer a lot of difficult questions.

My favorite segments were Suffering, The Bible, & Homosexuality.  These are the top 3 toughest that I see most often with the people I talk to.


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  1. 03 February 14, 8:22pm

    This looks like it will be very interesting and useful in small group discussions.

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