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‘Treasure in Heaven’ ~ Watch Online Now

‘Treasure in Heaven’ ~
Watch Online Now

Treasures in Heaven

The film “Treasure In Heaven” was created out of a love for the Lord and a desire to be obedient to Him. The film appears on the surface to be a negative view of the church and showing the flaws of everyday life in relation to the church. The intent of the film is to focus on the very reason we do church in the first place- to worship God. We get caught up so much in the ”business of church”, we forget why we go in the first place. We seemed to be just “going through the motions”.

This film is intended to search our hearts to this fact and improve our focus inside the church to the glory of God. If we focus on our saving grace through Jesus and the abiding love with the Spirit, we can’t help but bypass the worldly trappings and focus more on storing our treasure in heaven.


Originally, We posted the film for sale and hoped that it would be our return on investment. However, the Lord blessed us in other ways so we now can truly do what originally intended to do, release this as a gift to the world.


After much prayer we feel led to show the full length movie “Treasure In Heaven, Going Through The Motions” for free on YouTube as well as our own website (ad free) at Glory Streams Productions.  We ask that you join us in prayer and that God would use this movie for His glory and honor.  We pray this movie will go viral and speak directly to each persons heart that views it.  This life is not about us, it’s all about serving Him.


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