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‘Unstoppable’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Unstoppable’ ~ CFDb Movie Review




Unstoppable – Kirk Cameron returns to movie theaters September 24 with the follow-up to his record-breaking, one-night theatrical event, Monumental. In UNSTOPPABLE, a brand-new documentary, Kirk takes you on a personal and inspiring journey to better understand the biggest doubt-raiser in faith: Why? Kirk goes back to the beginning—literally—as he investigates the origins of good and evil and how they impact our lives … and our eternities. Reminding us that there is great hope, UNSTOPPABLE creatively asks—and answers—the age-old question: Where is God in the midst of tragedy and suffering?


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Unstoppable, christian movie film dvd

This thought provoking documentary really focuses on answering the question we have ALL asked at one time or another?  WHY?  Why do people have to suffer?  Why is there so much suffering in this world.

This is a question that sometimes destroys the faith of believers in a God Who is definitely a God of love.  It just doesn’t add up in our minds.

Two things came from this documentary I want to mention here as highlights:

  • God is good and we CAN trust Him
  • God’s purposes are UNSTOPPABLE

There was another sermon I heard shortly after watching this film and they both seemed to target in on the same thought…God is WITH us in all our sufferings.  He not only is with us, but He suffers along with us.  Something to think about…

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  1. Kevin wheeler says
    02 February 14, 9:52pm

    So….when are we gonna finish the left behind series???

  2. Kevin McCulley says
    03 February 14, 4:50am

    I really enjoyed the movie and the message of it. And I would like to have the DVD to share with family and friends.

  3. Joshua says
    04 February 14, 11:48pm

    I want to win this so that I can share it with friends and family when they come to visit, and so we can be more equipped in the truth of The Lord. Then we can better address this issue with others as we share His truth with the world around us.

  4. godchaser says
    25 March 14, 9:31pm

    Recently got hold of a copy of the newest offering by Kirk Cameron and while he did an excellent job at teaching bible history, i think he fell short in actually addressing his own point for making the movie. In my view it didnt live up to all the hype and almost exploited a family’s grief so Kirk could have his own send off.

    I think Kirks interpretation of Adams failure to protect Eve from the serpent is also indicative of his own chauvinistic view of the mans role in relationship to woman. Where Kirk saw failure on Adam’s part, I saw betrayal and disobedience on the Part of Eve, who is responsible for her own decision to disobey God and her husband and the consequences that followed. Kirk seems to have a habit of portraying females as weaker victims in need of a mans much more capable protection. I also could have lived without his pitching to his hollywood exec cronies.

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