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‘Uphill Battle’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Uphill Battle’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


Uphill Battle

Three years after a painful divorce due to her husband’s addiction to pornography and subsequent infidelity, Erica Stratton (Shelby Smith) works as an accountant to provide for her two children. Though she appears independent and strong, she struggles to free herself from the devastating memories of her broken marriage.

Firm in her resolve to never trust again, she meets Michael, and begins to question her decision. Torn between her broken past and an unknown future, will Erica find a way to heal?



Sneak Preview

uphillbattleproductionstills004-8c32One of my favorite scenes in this movie

This film tackles a tough subject, and in a tactful way.  Here were some highlights:

  • Importance of prayer being shown throughout the film.
  • A beautiful story and way that God worked on each person’s heart and how He brought things together.
  • Loved the way God used dreams in this movie.
  • Some realistic reaction moments.

A great quote as well – “All that matters is we are better today than yesterday.  Those ahead of us inspire us and we inspire those behind us.  The goal is that we meet together at the finish line.”  FABULOUS!

Life is truly an uphill battle and this film shows how we can walk through this life, helping one another, and trusting in God.  I want to recommend a series called, ‘The Conquer Series: Battle Plan for Purity‘.  If you know anyone struggling with pornography addiction, this is a great series for victory.  I also want to encourage parents to watch out for signs that your child may be addicted to pornography.  It is not an easy addiction to break, they will need your help and lots of prayer.


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