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Via Cross Pictures Sponsors newly released Christian film “Believe: the misfit pawn” Giveaway

 PRESENTS:   A middle-aged factory worker takes a leap of faith and follows his dream of being a recording artist. Along the way he discovers that miracles really do come true…if you believe!  BELIEVE:  A MISFIT PAWN

Just Released 4/15/2012

 It’s difficult for me to truly review a Christian Film that has a lot of music in it because I am not too much of a music fan.  What’s interesting is that I found a song I absolutely loved and it was “Believe” that is played at the end of the film, and I DON’T mean during the credits!  Fabulous song!

Because I am not too much of a music fan, I found the music throughout the film a little distracting.  It’s to be expected though, as this really is a film about a musician.

I really liked the brief sermon just before the song “Believe” is played and I enjoyed the speech at the end.  You’ll have to see the film to understand what I’m talking about, don’t want to give away any spoilers.

Something rather amusing is this character!  She reminds me of a friend I have, the way she talks, looks, and acts, although my friend is really nice…through and through.

If you want to learn more about this film, check out the DOVE Review.



If you do not want to wait for the giveaway and would like to purchase this film right now:     

For the GIVEAWAY, you have the chance to win a NEW “Believe: the misfit pawn” – The DVD was brand new, still sealed but it did come loose during shipping, so we had to open up the DVD to secure it.  It’s still new, but it is no longer sealed.  Sorry for the inconvenience!


CONGRATULATIONS to Gligore, the WINNER!  The Contest is NOW OVER!

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  1. 15 April 12, 2:58pm

    Music is a “make it or break it” deal for me in most film! If I love the music, I can forgive less than outstanding writing, acting, etc.! I REALLY want to see…and hear this one! 🙂

  2. Anita Glover says
    16 April 12, 1:25pm

    I love music in films it adds so much to the feel of the story.

  3. Vanessa Urias says
    20 April 12, 4:22pm

    I would enjoy watching a Christian based film. The more music the merrier.

  4. Petru says
    09 May 12, 4:53am

    It’s a great movie..I like it..I just saw it……well I’m a musician too..but I don’t write songs,not yet….I’m a guitar-basse player in my church with my band..My dream is that someday I will be capable to make my owns handmade guitar-basses:)…This movie is a good encorageament.

  5. tylia says
    19 September 12, 4:29pm

    this is really good the maker of these should make even more pictures and post them everywhere!!!!!!!

  6. brey says
    19 September 12, 4:37pm

    the tree falls the way it leans. so be carefull which way you lean…….something could happen UNEXPECTEDLY!!!! So don’t lean in with the wrong croud.(:

  7. tylia says
    19 September 12, 4:39pm

    music was never really my thing so I’ve decided to stick with basketball.(:

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