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‘The Virgins’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘The Virgins’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


The Virgins

A comedy about a young Christian couple who have a wild adventure on their wedding night, as one surprise after another foils their attempts to consummate the marriage.

Nick and Mary have saved themselves for marriage, even though they will only have one night together before Nick deploys to Afghanistan. On the wedding night they accidentally lock themselves out of their cabin and end up on a wild adventure. All they want is to find a place to consummate their marriage in peace, but everything they do seems to push them further away. And things get far worse when their family members get involved.

Nick’s brother is more interested in making funny web videos than helping them, and Mary’s father believes the night’s events are a sign from God that they should not be together.  And then a mysterious visitor from Scotland drags the poor couple into a mission of his own.  There’s tension all around as Nick and Mary deal with things they don’t want to deal with in hopes that they can do what they want to do before the night ends.

They saved themselves for the wedding night, and now they’ll have to save themselves from the wedding night. The two people who did everything right are about to have everything go wrong. A comedy about waiting and waiting and waiting some more.

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The Virgins

Although a parental warning is necessary, there are some REALLY powerful messages in this film.  Besides some hilarious moments, here are a couple highlights:

  • VERY cute, humorous beginning with the kids’ conversation.  Unique and realistic.
  • Amazing ending, so funny and so perfect.

Before I highlight my favorite character in this film I have to address the parental warning.  There is just 1 part that is pretty inappropriate and gives you a visual picture I would have preferred never to have had.  If you can get past that section there are some amazing conversations and powerful messages.  The moment happens after they leave the wedding and the grandfather is walking with the main character wanting to give advice, just in case you just want to fast forward past that part.

Blake-Webb-webhs2Blake Webb

Although all the cast was good, Blake was the one that carried the movie.  Not just his acting, it was his character in the film.  I truly LOVED the way he was portrayed and his morals and relationship with God.  Here were some scenes that had such meaningful messages:

  • When Nick and Mary first met in the cafe.  Loved his responses to Mary.
  • The scene where Nick and Mary are alone, before marriage.
  • The old fashioned importance shown in that same scene, as well as how he behaved later on in the film when confronting Mary’s dad and finding out some unexpected truth.

Aside from the one really negative part for me, I wish I had seen this film while I had been in high school.  Even though I wasn’t a Christian at the time, it certainly would have given me a lot to think about because I had a basic knowledge of right and wrong.



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