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‘The Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘The Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


The Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club

The Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club is a short film that tells the story of three older men who come into the same restaurant on Wednesday mornings at the same time every week. The story is told from the perspective of Megan, the newly hired waitress at the restaurant. Through her deliberate acts of respect and purposeful efforts to get to know these gentlemen the shroud of their grumpy appearance is lifted and as the men open up the impact of their life stories extend beyond Megan


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The Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club Long photo

I really enjoyed this movie.  Maybe because I love the elderly so much.  After all, Lord Willing, we’ll all be elderly one day, some of us sooner than others.  My favorite character in this one is the one gentleman furthest back in the picture.  I could see myself as Megan and waiting on these gentlemen.  I would have probably done some of the same things she did.

Here are some of the things I enjoyed about this movie:

  • Good musical score
  • The need to look beyond the exterior of others.  Everyone has a story to tell.
  • The way this film really showed how short and precious life is.
  • Enjoyed the singing towards the end.

Now, for me, ultimately, the key to loving this film was the impact it had.  I cried a few times during this film and the filmmakers did a good job of portraying the loneliness felt and brought home the fact that we will all experience loss of friends and family throughout our lifetimes, but what must the elderly experience, the ones who have lost a LOT of loved ones and friends.

I have a 90 year old friend who is in an assisted living facility within 45 minutes of where we live.  I’m constantly being made aware of how terribly lonely she is.  She has a son, but he lives about 1 1/2 hours away and 1 nephew, not close by, but that’s it.  It’s time that we, as Christians, start making an real impact on those that are lonely and hurting.  That is what Jesus would do.

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  1. 04 September 13, 12:50pm

    We plan to share Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club during our film showings soon.

  2. Annelie says
    04 September 13, 3:51pm

    That is great Dave – make sure and rate the film and comment on it afterwards too!


  3. 09 September 13, 10:22pm

    Well, I am a little prejudiced, but I think this is one of the best Christian films I have seen. I have watched it at least ten times, and still find it delightful and moving.

    Now, can someone tell me how to rate this film, as in Annelie’s words above, “make sure and rate the film and comment on it afterwords too!”

  4. CFDb says
    10 September 13, 5:54am

    Hi Richard, All you have to do is go to the film page,

    And then sign into CFDb, Then hover over the stars and rate as you see fit, then you can go down to the bottom and let us know what you though or give a review under the comments.

    Hope that helps, thanks

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