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“What God Hath Wrought” CFDb Review


A documentary about the “Jesus Movement” of the late 60′s early 70′s. It explores the history of Calvary Chapel and the life of Chuck Smith. In the late 1960′s Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa was the epicenter of one of the greatest spiritual revivals in American History. It’s Pastor Chuck Smith aka “Papa Chuck”, by many considered “The Father of the Jesus Movement”, welcomed the hippie counterculture into his church and the rest is history…amongst other things this movement birthed contemporary Christian music and worship as we know it today.


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Pastor Chuck Smith is said to have started the Jesus Movement and the Calvary Chapel movement.  Before watching this documentary, I had never even heard of him.  Maybe because I was born during the time of these movements, but I was enlightened throughout this well-done documentary.

What’s interesting to note is that his beginning sounded a lot like the story of Hannah and Samuel.  He was dedicated to the service of God by his mother as an infant.  Fantastic beginning!

This man seems to have a genuine love for the Lord, as well as for people in general.  He seems to permeate genuine Christian love, the agape type of love that we all, as Christians, strive for.

This man draws the people in with love and the Word of God.  What a testimony!  If you like documentaries, check this one out.  You won’t be disappointed.

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