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“Words By Heart” – CFDb Review & Recommendation


In a small, mid-western town at the turn of the century, a heated racial dispute begins when a young African-American girl wins a local Bible memorization contest.

Things get worse when her father’s hard work earns him a job previously held by a white man.

When the town’s rage gets out of control, they lash out at the family in this tale of conflicts, values, and morals.






CFDb Review & Recommendation


This is such a POWERFUL film!  Rascism is still a current issue all over the world.  This is a story that will affect you and it should.  This film makes you think about your own character.  I couldn’t help but think all throughout this film, how would I be in this situation?  How would I react?  Would I be like Jesus, or would self rise up and lash out against the rascism?

I have to admit I hate to be criticized.  At least at the time it’s happening.  I need time to think about what’s being said, but instead of thinking about it or walking away, my tendency is to defend myself, even when I’m not sure I’m even right.  I hate to even write that down because it makes me feel even worse about it.  My character is nothing like Jesus at times but the main character had the character of Jesus and I want that.  By beholding we become changed!

Since I know that by beholding we do become changed, I need more movies like this one in my memory!  These are my favorite type of movies.  Movies that make you want to change, like a good sermon!

Even though this movie is very serious I would recommend this for children.  Children learn rascism from their parents.  So if you have children, let them watch this and discuss it afterwards.  In a way, rascism is similar to bullying.  Oppression is an awful thing!  Our ancestors died for our freedom, not our oppression or the oppression of others.





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