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WWJD ~ What Would Jesus Do? ~ CFDb Movie Review

WWJD ~ What Would Jesus Do? ~ CFDb Movie Review


WWJD: What Would Jesus Do?

A powerful and thought-provoking story about 4 individuals – a singer, a newspaper editor, a wealthy philanthropist and a Minister who lost his faith – all vowing to walk in the steps of Jesus. Every day and every decision becomes a turning point in their lives as they must ask themselves What Would Jesus Do?



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I tried so hard to NOT think of the book while watching this film, but I found it impossible as they used some of the same characters, except some were made the opposite sex with new names.

I LOVED In His Steps by Charles Sheldon.  I’ve read this book many times since I gave my heart to Jesus.

For this movie, my favorite part was the actual speech in the church made by John Schneider.  That was fantastic.  (I believe that was my favorite part in the book as well!)

Because of the changes that were made from the book, I found it disappointing in that respect.  Even with that disappointment the idea shines through VERY clearly about What Would Jesus Do and after watching this it caused me to make some serious decisions as to whether or not I was doing as Jesus would want me to do in my own life.

That would make this film a tremendous success from a Christian standpoint!  For this reason alone I would say – if you haven’t seen this one, go ahead and watch it.  It may just change your life.


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