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‘Youth of Christ’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & High Recommendation

‘Youth of Christ’ ~
CFDb Movie Review & High Recommendation


Youth of Christ

Youth of Christ follows the story of a youth group with a reputation for mediocrity as they struggle to plan and execute a youth revival at their church. The film begins when Casey, a 25 year old fresh out of seminary school, is hired as the new leader of the young adult ministry.

Known as a bunch of lazy teenagers, this ministry’s activities has been limited to church movie nights and game nights. Once Casey is hired, the ministry is challenged to step out of their comfort zone and do something big for Jesus Christ. Will the youth group prove that they are capable of doing the extraordinary? Or will they crumble under the pressure and prove the naysayers right?



Sneak Preview

Youth of Christ

What an unexpected treat for us.  This film was FANTASTIC.  The sound quality is not that great, but PLEASE do NOT let that deter you from seeing this powerful film.

Here were some highlights for me:

  • This film shows some real struggles that Christians face, including the struggles after your life changes, but still the reputation remains.
  • Fantastic dialogue throughout this film.  This is one we would recommend showing to the youth in churches everywhere.
  • Great humor throughout the entire film.
  • There were 2 really powerful moments for me where I cried  You know it’s a good film when you are moved to tears and for spiritual reasons.

Youth of Christ Main CharacterStephanie Rodnez

I had a hard time figuring out who my favorite character is from this film,  Stephanie Rodnez, the director/writer/producer and the actress that played the BEST role.  Her picture doesn’t show up on IMDb, and her name isn’t listed as a cast member.

This woman played a STRONG, dedicated, Spirit filled Christian leader who took the role of leader over this particular youth group.  She had a real heart for Christ and determination, along with a real spirit of gentleness, love and wisdom.  She was definitely a role model in this film and I pray that youth leaders will watch this film and take some notes.  I particularly loved the way she handled the talent show portion when the youth were showing her what they planned to do.


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