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All you wanted to know about CFDb Reviews

How are CFDb Christian Movie Reviews
different than other reviews?


    • CFDb will write a short, one or two sentence review for the atual movie page, as well as write a full review on our blog post, and then make shout outs to the social medias, such as FB/TW/LinkedIn/G+.


    •  CFDb judges a Christian film based on it’s entire message, not the acting, lighting, sound quality, etc.


    • CFDb will bring in Bible references and challenges or personal experiences from myself, including how the film blessed me in particular.


    • CFDb may try and pick out one actor/actress to highlight, including their photo within the blog.


    • CFDb will also include information as to where to purchase or rent the film and sometimes include other review links as well.


    • CFDb will write “Recommendation” in the actual title if we consider this a 4 or 5 star film.

CFDb Reviews at this time are TOTALLY FREE

CFDb will need to start charging for reviews in the future, possibly the beginning of 2013.  This is due to the number of Christian films that actually want to be reviewed.  Since this is such a time-consuming task, it will be necessary to charge, but not yet!


To Have Your Christian Film Reviewed ~ Contact CFDb

E-mail us:

Call us at: 719-687-4394



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