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“Clips that Move Mountains” Video Book CONTEST

Christian Short Film Contest: Win a feature in the

Clips that Move Mountains” Video Book

Wanna see your short film clip in a video discipleship ebook?

Patty Sadallah – the Writer for “Clips that Move Mountains” is
presenting a GREAT contest!

DETAILS on the Contest Blog


Upload your 2-5 minute short film clip from your already created Christian film or sermon illustration video.  You can edit a short from your full feature film or create something new specifically for this contest.  Contest ENDS January 19, 2013.



  1. As many as 20 filmmakers can win an opportunity to have their Christian Short film clip featured in the Clips that Move Mountains video eBook.  This book is a ministry multiplier, knitting together the ministries of the filmmakers, cover artist, helping organizations and the author.  The winning film clips will stream inside the book, be written about and reader/viewers will journal about them in the life application sections of the book.  All winners will have the option of choosing a onetime upfront licensing fee of $1,000.00 or a lifetime royalty of 1%  on all book sales.  There is also a 35% point of sale commission opportunity when you sell the books yourself.

Your entries must relate to the clips needed in each book section.   We are looking for these clips:

Introduction-      God’s Amazing Love

Introduction-      Miracles Still Happen Today

Introduction-      Christian Impact

Center- Why/How to Choose Jesus

Center- How to Let Jesus Transform You

Center- Your Identity in Christ

North-                  The Bible: God’s mouthpiece

North                    Power of Prayer

North                    How to Pray Effectively

West                     Lessons from your Life Challenges

West                     Helping Others with your Story

West-                   How to Find Forgiveness /Incredible Stories of Forgiveness

South-                  Bad Witnessing:  Don’t do it like this!

South-                  How to Share your Testimony

South-                  Acting on Every Prompting

East –                   Your Unique Gifts

East-                     ll Work is Ministry

East-                     Kingdom Impact Eternal Rewards

Conclusion-         How it all works for Good

Conclusion-         Keep Growing in Christ

For More Information or to enter the contest:

There will be a Fundraising Campaign for this film as well through  We’ll have the link as soon as the fundraising begins.  Let’s support this through FaithLauncher and Lots of entries.


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  1. Cindy says
    16 November 12, 9:48am

    Awesome!! I’m not a filmmaker, but I will certainly share this with friends who are!!

  2. Annelie says
    16 November 12, 9:55am

    I know, Cindy, I thought the same thing – I wish we were filmmakers just to join the contest.


  3. 16 November 12, 10:57am

    Thanks so much for this article Annelie. I can’t wait to see what God will do with this video book project.

    Patty Sadallah

  4. 16 November 12, 10:58am

    Thanks for spreading the Word Cindy!

  5. 16 November 12, 2:01pm

    FYI, The Faithlauncher crowdfunding site for this project will be live on Monday, November 19, 2012 in the wee hours of the morning. Visit it please.

  6. 17 November 12, 11:32am

    This is awesome. I’ll submit something, but also have many filmmaker contacts. God bless!

  7. Bob Denney says
    26 November 12, 10:13am

    I’ll jump in.

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