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Foul Language Filters

Some films listed on CFDb have some foul language in them!

We ONLY list these films because they can be watched with a filter!

We recommend these Foul Language Filter Systems!

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Three Ways to Rid Your TV of Foul Language, Entertainment choices for the whole family!

Are You Offended by Foul Language and Sexual References on TV? You’re not alone! Time Magazine reports 59% of Americans feel there is too much offensive language on TV.

Here are three things you can do to protect you family from foul language on TV:

1. Eliminate the Offender! Many families have benefited from limiting TV viewing to family nights only… or taking a week or month off from TV… or even getting rid of TV altogether. Families in pre-TV days had more time for God and for each other, and it can be wonderfully refreshing to return to those days, even if only for a season.

2. Find Family-Friendly Shows. Many websites offer movie reviews for families and special recommendations for programs the whole family can enjoy together. Christian Film Database has Film Reviews listed with each film listed on CFDb.

3. Get a Profanity-Filter for Your TV.

1. ClearPlay is a all in one player. You set content preferences based on your family values. ClearPlay Smart Parental Controls then filter out the images and dialogue you don’t want in the movies and TV shows you own or rent. They now have some streaming movies included as well. You can read more here… ClearPlay TV is a double-edged sword, with content that can be a curse or a blessing. We hope these tips help you turn it into a blessing!

2. TVGuardian it’s a tiny box you connect to your TV and it automatically filters out foul language. It even mutes profane references to the Deity. This option works well for those who want to watch TV shows and movies without having to be surprised by foul language.

I urge you: If you don’t already have a profanity filter for your TV, get one for your home today!  You control what your family does – and doesn’t – see so everyone can enjoy worry-free family time.

3. VidAngel – Protect your family from swearing, violence and nudity in streaming movie rentals.


ClearPlay – Foul Filter System DVD Player!

TvGuardian – Foul Language Filter!


Please be advised that this does not work for Netflix Streaming!

VidAngel – Start your Trial Today

Vid Angel


 ClearPlay has settings for Vulgarity, Nudity, Substance Abuse, Sensuality, Violence, and more..


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  1. K. Clark says
    01 September 13, 10:38am

    Questions on Clear Play…Does it work with Netflix ? Work with all DVD players? We tried TV Guardian and after working/playing with it for several days found out it would not work with our particular dish cable box: VIP 722K. Thanks for your input.

  2. Annelie says
    01 September 13, 1:53pm

    Clearplay doesn’t work with Netflix streaming. You have to purchase the Clearplay DVD player and then download on a flash drive. It does not work all movies and it has to be the original or generic movie (not a special DVD). For that it would work for Netflix as long as it’s the standard DVD.

    I hope you were able to return the TV Guardian if it didn’t work with your cable box. Did you contact them? Maybe there is a way to make it work?


  3. Sherry Ann says
    17 November 13, 6:02pm

    Hi! Is there anything that works with a Smart Tv? We would love to have the clear play operation in something that could filter through our latest technology system!!
    We use to have TV Guardian, it was great, but we don’t ‘rent’ DVDs with the new streaming options.

    Love it if there was!!!
    Sherry Ann

  4. CFDb says
    18 November 13, 10:31am

    I don’t know of anything right now, sorry.

    We use both systems and it still does not work for many films. I hope someone else here can help with this comment, please post if you have more info.

    I will post this on Facebook and Twitter and see if we get any info for ya. 🙂


  5. Paula says
    18 November 13, 6:03pm

    I guess I should ask– is there something I can download on my computer to block the sex, violence and foul language, I let children watch movies on my computer.

  6. carl says
    14 July 14, 2:39pm

    we have 3 different TVG’s 2) using RCA connectors 1) using HDMI .1) that use’s RCA connectors is the older style from 10 year’s or so ago,does not work at all.tthe other is the latest and greatest ,it works BUT take out at least two sentences.the 501 i feel if i taped a dime to it and chunked it in the trash i could say i lost something.most hook up’s are just dump luck if you get them to work out of the box.can’t find people that know how to hook up/set up unit’s..customer service from TVG is a JOKE.the only way to talk to them is by e-mail.the one’s i have “talked”to don’t have a clue.we found/brought our !st. TVG around 1998,out of the box,hook up and took out the WORD not the whole sentence.CC changed the word not blanked the whole i guess what i’am saying is ‘buyer beware’.were do we complain?? who do we complain too??

  7. Annelie says
    14 July 14, 5:41pm

    Here is the support page- – I think the best way to try and get their attention is to post on their FB or Twitter page. I know a lot of companies follow their social media closely and maybe you’ll get some good response that way. Sorry Carl that you had that trouble. That is disappointing.


  8. Lena says
    27 January 15, 9:55pm

    We have a 3D bluray player. Are we able to use clearplay with that?

  9. Annelie says
    28 January 15, 8:52am

    Clearplay has it’s own player. You may have to ask them to be sure. I believe they have a Blu-ray DVD player available now.


  10. Jonathan says
    05 October 15, 10:05am

    First and foremost, thanks so much for taking the time on this Web site. CFDb is very helpful. Is anyone else just flabbergasted that — with ALL the technological advances out there in HDTVs and players — we have not been able to solve the problem of profanity and vulgarity filters on our movies and television? Think how easy it would be for the movie industry to simply add this option to your movie purchase under the disc’s settings. I would actually pay more for a disc that would allow me to do that. For me, I’m looking for a better solution than hardware or software that charges an ongoing fee, or spending $200+ for a filter that cuts only offensive language (most of the time). Sorry if this seems rough, but I’m frustrated with the ever-growing list of movies that seem like great premises, but are bombarded with inappropriate…well, everything.

    Okay…I vented to clearly like-minded people…So here’s my question: Does anyone know of a Windows-based video player that allows for (at least) language filtering?

    Thanks so much for your help and letting me vent.

  11. Annelie says
    05 October 15, 10:54am

    Great idea Jonathan – maybe someone does know of something like that. I haven’t heard of it. I would love it if they would just keep it out of the movies so we don’t have filter it. Wouldn’t that be fabulous!

  12. Jill says
    23 October 15, 10:34pm

    Thank you so much! We used VidAngel this past week to watch Back to the Future movies & had a really good experience.

  13. Vern says
    29 October 15, 7:36pm

    I am starting to see an increase in good, faith building movies, and also an increase in movies with profanity, sexual content, drinking and drug use, graphic violence, and the like. I love that there are some options for people who don’t want to view that type of content.
    I wish that there was some choice, but it clearly seems that Hollywood is determined to make us watch their movies their way. Until some other tech finds a different channel, we may have to decide where the line is (for each of us as individuals). I wish Hollywood had a facebook page so I could tell them how I feel about that type of content.

  14. Paul says
    18 November 15, 11:38am

    Let’s remember that the collective known as Hollywood is almost entirely opposed to Christianity and anyone who evidences the fruits of the Holy Spirit. It cannot comprehend why anyone would want to see anything that is not anti-God, violent, crude, debased, and evil, so why make movies no one will pay to see? They allow Satan to deceive them into believing that ALL people are like THEM! They are willfully ignorant of the tremendous success of the few decent movies that have been made over the last 100 years or so. They are willing to put out trash that generally makes little profit, and ignore the highly profitable clean movies, because they know they have sinned and want to avoid punishment by creating an environment where there is no God who will judge and punish.

    Here’s hoping Christian film makers can find enough traction in the entertainment industry to focus on high-quality films and TV programs. Christians should make every effort to show their appreciation for good films by attending them and by thanking the producers and networks who show them.

  15. Paul says
    18 November 15, 11:45am

    “Awaiting moderation” seems to imply that strong opposition to forces of evil is not tolerated on this site. If this is true, then I doubt that any of the foul language filters would really accomplish their stated goals.

  16. JAZ says
    07 December 15, 11:49am

    hello !!!

    does any of the player work in the UK with region 2 ????

  17. Annelie says
    07 December 15, 12:17pm

    Great question – you would have to contact the companies individually to find out. Sorry I don’t know that answer.

  18. Jen says
    14 February 16, 7:16pm

    We just started using Vidangel. We have a Roku box that we use for media. It took about five-ten minutes to add the Vidangel channel and set it up. They have a lot of new releases and you can search for other titles. The filtering was excellent. The storyline was not compromised and we were able to not only do general filters, but also go into a more advanced filter, see violent scenes descriptions etc and manually filter which ones we didn’t want to see. This was excellent for our family of six with kids from toddler to teen.

  19. 02 January 17, 9:12pm

    Which filter will block language for netflix and amazon streaming?

  20. 19 January 17, 1:25pm

    Hi Eleno,

    For Netflix, you can create profile preferences that will not display films with higher ratings that would potentially contain inappropriate language or scenes. If you go through the comments from Annelie and other users – there seems to be a few devices available to use with your TV with various results. For amazon, depending on which device you are using amazon has information in their Help directory (here) for setting up parental controls.


  21. Benjamin says
    23 January 17, 9:34am

    Hey @ElenoRodriguez,

    There’s a new filter available for Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Instant Video. It’s called UFilter:

    Available as a Chrome browser extension and costs $14.99.

    Sorry, I can’t tell you how well it works as I haven’t tried it – only spotted it today.

    It appears to have sprung up as a result of the temporary shutdown of VidAngel. Which hopefully is only temporary! #savefiltering

    Hope this is helpful. 🙂

  22. M Wesley Donaldson says
    25 February 17, 2:34pm

    I’m making a app that does this and can filter any movie online or physical. Netflix capable! Search for FamFilter app

  23. Charles says
    26 December 17, 12:18am

    As VidAngel has filed for bankruptcy, and are being sued for copyright infringement — this ship has sailed.

    There is a brighter, more solid future in ClearPlay.

    -They have been around for 17 years.
    -They were sued for copyright infringement in their first 5 years of business and the charges were dropped because they were not found to have anything remotely to do with copyright infringement.
    -VidAngel is being sued by Disney, Fox, Lucasfilm (Star Wars and Indiana Jones), and Warner Bros. thus VidAngel is legally restricted from providing streaming movies from those studios. ClearPlay has no such restrictions from ANY movie studios. Probably 60%+ of all movies you have enjoyed and will enjoy in the future are made by those studios.

    If you want to keep enjoying filtered movies, ClearPlay is the obvious choice for any person that is ethical and is a Christian that doesn’t want to support movie pirates.

  24. Desiree says
    12 January 18, 6:22pm

    Charles, Thank you for your input.


  25. Alison says
    17 February 18, 5:39pm

    Movie Cleaner worked with Netflix

  26. 05 March 18, 5:18am

    Foul language is an important filter of Kodi, Kodi is one of the best Live streaming app available on the internet right now, i suggest you to download Kodi Live tv app, if you have already installed then lemme tell you kodi has launched its latest Krypton update, here is a link with complete description in it regarding how to update Kodi.

  27. Hifihedgehog says
    27 March 18, 8:10pm

    Another free and legal option is the “Mute Profanity” add-on for Kodi. It is leverages the open subtitle database and works with movies you own legally. It is basically TV Guardian for computer media playback.

  28. Firefly says
    05 January 19, 5:22pm

    VidAngel did not go out of business. They are still available.

  29. Dale says
    13 April 19, 1:00pm

    As far as bad language, nudity, sexual content et… goes, one can pretty much go by the film rating and not be suprised. However, when it comes to blasphamy – no film can be trusted to be void of it. There are ZERO rating for this catagory. Holly Wood has childeren doing it. Check out “Fatherhood” There are many more. If you want to use a filter for this type of content, you are simply supporting the developement of those films by subscribing to the cable channel or streaming service or whatever that provides them. What would the Most High think of that just so one could be entertained.

  30. 16 April 19, 10:24pm

    nice article . thnx for sharing again and again

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