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Frequently Asked Questions

CFDb Frequently Asked Questions: Christian Film Database, FAQ

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1.  What is CFDb? CFDb is a “Non-denominational” “Christian Film” database. We list all Christian Movies/Films on DVD, Blu-ray, VHS, 16mm and upcoming Christian Movies coming to Theaters or Premiering on TV/Cable. We also list Christian Movie Trailers and Christian Films on VOD (Video on Demand).

2.  How long has CFDb been around? CFDb has been around since the beginning of 2008, although on February 25, 2010 we became officially known as, llc.

3.  How do I join CFDb? In order to join CFDb click on the link entitled “REGISTER” at the upper right hand corner of any page on the website.  Once you click, a box will come up asking for your user name and e-mail address.  Fill in the information and click on the button to send a unique password to your e-mail address.  The e-mail will send you a password and a link to finish registration.  This is where you will be able to change your password to one you can easily remember.  Keep in mind that your user name cannot be changed.

4.  Why should I become a member of CFDb? In order to rate a film or leave a comment on any film, you must be a registered user on CFDb.  There will be more features coming in the future for those on the CFDb team.

5.  How can I leave a comment or rate a film? There are 3 ways to rate a film.  You must be registered on CFDb in order to rate a film or leave a comment.  Once you locate a film and click on the film title, this will lead you to the actual film page.  Under the film artwork, you may rate a film using the star system. You may also leave a comment in the comment section on the bottom of the page.  The first comment that you leave will have to be approved by the administrator.  This should be done within 24-48 hours.

6.  How can I get my film or another Christian movie listed on CFDb? If you do not see your Christian movie or a movie that you think should be on the CFDb, you may click the link entitled “ADD/UPDATE FILM PAGE” located on the top of any of the CFDb pages, which will take you to a section where you can fill in any details you need to add or change to an existing film or to add a film.

7.   Why do I see some Mormon Films listed on CFDb? We list all films with a “Christian Message”, it does not matter who makes it. If Hollywood, a Christian, or an Athiest makes a “Christian Film”, we list it on CFDb. CFDb does not endorse the film makers, only their “Christian” films. We understand there is a great controversy over this issue and we’ve even discussed them with Mormons as well.  We do differentiate their films by stating on the film page, “This is an LDS film.”

8.   What is the CFDb definition of a “Christian Film”? CFDb considers a “Christian Film”, a film that shows a need for God in some way.  It can be implied as well, in the case of allegories.  CFDb does not want to list “Family Friendly” films for the main reason that if a person lives a moral life, they are still lost.

The goal for CFDb is to list only “Christian Films”, or films that have been promoted as Christian so that a person can view a film page and see if the movie really is Christian or not.  There are some films that have been labeled as Christian, but have foul language in them and/or nudity.  We put a parental warning on  these films so that you can be prepared for what to expect.

We apologize ahead of time for any film that may be listed on CFDb that has no parental warning on them, as we are unable to watch every Christian film. We do try our best to review as many as we can, so we can notify the public of what to expect.  If you know of a film that needs a “Parental Warning” added, please contact us right away so we can update the film page.





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  1. CFDb says
    28 November 10, 8:57am

    Hi Ryan.

    Sounds like these would make a great movie. We don’t have anything to do with making films, but are tying to put together a list of those who do.

    We are just getting started, so check back to this page for more info.

    These Production Companies might be able to help.


  2. Godlyman says
    19 December 10, 9:58am

    I am a pastor and evangelist, i preaches in market places, Church and villages in Ghana. there is one thing i long for to work effectively when i go to villages and towns to preach. i always pray about how to get a PROJECTOR DEVICE with this types of amazing films for an evangelism. this really can attract souls to hear Gods and win them for the Church. (if anyone knows of a contact to supply this pastor/evangelist with a projector, please contact him directly and make arrangements!)

  3. siomanat says
    28 December 10, 1:12pm

    ” How long has CFDb been around? CFDb has been around since the beginning of 2008.”
    Where I have been able to read about it?

  4. Victoria says
    29 January 11, 6:42pm

    My husband and I are pastors and would like to screen christian movies. We use to be on a list like that but I don’t know how to get back on the list or where to go. Thank you.

    From CFDb – If anyone has info on this please share, thanks

  5. 14 February 11, 3:27pm

    Saw your website and wanted to get you some information on the Biola Media Conference. BMC is the largest national conference for entertainment professionals of faith working in mainstream media. The annual event draws 700+ attendees in search of professional training and instruction from some of the most influential individuals in film, tv, PR, media marketing, management, and digital media today. Topics cover every aspect of media related careers, technologies, and ministries from the creative, to the financial, to the production process. I’m attaching a link here and would love to speak to you when you have a chance.

  6. 28 February 11, 2:41pm

    shalom and many blessings to you, I’m writting to ask if you could recommend me to someone I could send a movie script to I wrote some time ago. Its a 2 hr movie, and its based on a biblical theme but also sci-fi.
    Rabbi Leora

  7. CFDb says
    05 March 11, 7:32am

    We don’t really have a list built up yet for this, we do plan on having a list in the future. Pure Flix Entertainment might be able to help, not sure?

    Thanks, Roger

  8. Vicki says
    12 May 11, 11:31am

    Hi there,

    How do I pitch a Christian screenplay to a film company? Is it possible to pitch it to Hollywood?


  9. CFDb says
    12 May 11, 11:57am

    Hi Vicki,

    I’m not in this field, so anyone who reads this who has ideas, please share.

    All I have is a list of companies who make Christian Films, I would contact them and ask.

    Thanks, Roger

  10. Megan Wilson says
    08 August 11, 3:01pm

    Hey! I have a question? Do you guys invest or give donations? My friend and I are trying to raise money for our Christmas film called A Dog For Christmas..would you guys be interested in donating some money for our film, so we can start filming? It would mean so much to us!! Please let me know. Thank you and have a good day:)

  11. CFDb says
    09 August 11, 8:04am

    Hi, Sorry we do not. We are putting everything we got into growing CFDb right now. If it’s a Christian film, I can put a page up for it on CFDb and have a link saying you are looking for support. Thanks, Roger

  12. Pastor Israel Olusore says
    27 October 11, 5:51am

    Praise the Lord,
    I thought I would be able to rent films from you for our congregation’s movie nights only to discover you don’t have provision for non-US residents.
    Is there any way to resolve this?
    Thanks for your timely response.
    God Bless you.
    Israel Olusore

  13. Annelie says
    27 October 11, 7:34am


    Here are some links to rental clubs and their is one listed that is located in the UK. Perhaps they will ship to where you are. Hope that helps.


  14. Gordon says
    15 November 11, 9:38pm


    I am a missionary in Thailand. Any way to purchase these movies and download them rather than have a DVD shipped?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  15. CFDb says
    16 November 11, 8:03am

    That’s Great to hear, keep up the great work your doing.

    If you want downloads, the best way is (VOD) Video on Demand. Many films are now on these sites and I will soon be adding (VOD) links to film pages on CFDb.

    Here are the biggest (VOD) sites…

    1. Netflix Streaming

    2. Amazon Instant Video

    3. itunes

    4. Youtube on demand

    5. Hulu

  16. Dale Ward says
    23 November 11, 9:55am

    Hello: How long does it usually take for a film submitted to appear in your database? Thanks!

  17. CFDb says
    23 November 11, 11:29am

    Hi Dale,

    We are trying to get them on pretty fast, ( a couple days), we have just been backed up with adding Christmas Titles. I just checked on your film and I will add today, Thanks

  18. mamaspoodles says
    11 March 12, 8:50pm

    I am interested in renting some of the films here…when I hit the “rent” button, nothing happens…Help?

  19. CFDb says
    11 March 12, 9:16pm

    We are sorry but if nothing comes up in the box that means it’s not being rented anywhere. We are planning on fixing that to show that there are no rental options available in the popup box, but we aren’t sure when we will make that upgrade.


  20. Sylvia says
    15 April 12, 5:27pm

    My daughter, 14, is an accomplished theater actress, now breaking into film. We wonder if there is any particular company or site that lists upcoming auditions for Christian film projects. Thanks and God Bless your ministry!

  21. movie fan says
    16 April 12, 8:00pm

    How can I change my rating on a film if I clicked on the wrong star by mistake?

  22. Annelie says
    17 April 12, 9:57am

    Please let us know which movie it was and we will take off the rating for you.


  23. Annelie says
    17 April 12, 10:00am

    You can try some of these places: – also check back here in a
    week or so as we are getting a forum going that will be a place where actors/actresses can connect with directors, etc.


  24. movie fan says
    17 April 12, 10:00am

    Believe: The Misfit Pawn

  25. 06 May 12, 3:03pm

    I have been trying to login. I have reset my password at least twice, but when I retry to login, it says that I have not been activated and to look for an email link. I have not received an email with a link to activate. Please help. I’d really like to get this account back up and running. I will soon be in movies on this site & would like to be able to look around at the topics discussed. Please help me to get this account activated. Thanks.

  26. Annelie says
    06 May 12, 3:10pm

    If anyone is having difficulty logging in, please try to get a brand new one instead of requesting the lost password. We just recently switched servers and this may be the issue.


  27. vickie says
    02 February 13, 9:37pm

    I like to know where can i buy the move The Baptism Of Chloe Foy.

  28. Annelie says
    03 February 13, 6:22am

    I’m sorry this film has no release date yet. You can sign up for our newsletter which will list all the upcoming films for that particular month.


  29. Jan Morris says
    05 June 14, 1:37am

    Is this film coming to Australia? God is not dead?

  30. Annelie says
    05 June 14, 5:38am

    Try contacting PureFlix to find out for sure –


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