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CFDb Interview with Arturo Muyshondt

CFDb Interviews Arturo Muyshondt ~
and Lead Actor in ‘The Pastor’

A066_C008_0429TJArturo Muyshondt

Listen to the 22 Minute Podcast Interview

Highlights from the Interview:

CFDb was thrilled to speak with Arturo about WolfGang Cinema and his upcoming project, ‘The Pastor‘, which comes to theaters 1 night only on January 25, 2016 via Fathom Events.

First he described the conception of putting the film company together as follows:

First started out as a mission to get to share socially relevant stories that would be redeeming, inspiring, and that could entertain, educate, change people’s lives.


He went on to explain how he wanted to make something relevant for younger audiences.  ‘The Pastor’ is the first film of many.  He also told us later on in the interview about a few more films that he is working on that sound very diverse hoping to come out within the next couple of years.

THE PASTOR Poster Version 1.0-page-001

More About ‘The Pastor’ and the inspiration behind the film:

This film is relevant to all audiences.  Arturo had been doing a lot of research with youth and gangs for a number of years, all throughout the United States, including parts of Latin America and in the jails as well.

I had always wanted to find my way in as a storyteller into that world and to create a film that could generate an awareness of what’s going on, and that could inspire people to find God and to find a better path in life.


Unique Experiences:

Arturo shared an inspiring story about how God led to the idea for this script which came as a result of another idea falling through.  There was also another instance in which Arturo experienced the power of the Holy Spirit while acting.

After hearing Arturo’s story about this film inspires me to pray.  Let’s all pray that this film is able to reach the youth that are thinking about getting into gangs or are in gangs already.


Main Message:

The overall message is that no matter where we are in our lives, we can be in our darkest moments, we have the ability to find God, change, and embrace Him and find inner peace.

Dream Center:

Arturo ended his interview by talking about his mission as the global spokesman for starting Dream Centers, similar to the original one, all around the United States, as well as cities around the globe.

Fathom Events:

This film is being shown through Fathom Events – Buy Tickets Here.  It’s a one night theatrical event on January 25, 2016.

Listen to the 22 Minute Podcast

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Fathom Events – Buy Tickets Here





The Pastor Film Website

Wolfgang Cinema



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