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CFDb Interview with Brett Granstaff

CFDb Interviews Brett Granstaff ~
Actor/Writer for ‘The Masked Saint’

BrettGranstaffHEADSHOTBrett Granstaff

Listen to the 13 Minute Podcast Interview

Highlights from the Interview:

CFDb was blessed to speak with Brett Granstaff, the President and founder of Ridgerock Entertainment Group and  Actor/Writer for ‘The Masked Saint‘, which comes out in theaters January 8, 2016.


Background story:

Brett gave us a little background on his role in the film industry and how he became the lead role in ‘The Masked Saint’.


Brett’s role as Pastor Chris:

Brett plays Pastor Chris and has this to say about The Masked Saint and Pastor Chris.

Here’s a guy, Pastor Chris, who is also a professional wrestler, who always ends up kind of at the wrong place at the right time.  Or maybe it’s the right place, at the right time, if you believe God put you where you’re supposed to be.

This movie is inspired by true events.


It’s a unique story, that sounds intriguing, where the pastor doesn’t always turn the other cheek.

10287_483928991810515_1766346745531619558_nUnique Experiences:

We then asked Brett to talk about some unique experiences he had during the filming.

He mentioned that there were a lot of experiences but the funniest one he spoke about was his learning how to wrestle.  You’ll have to listed to the podcast to hear the story which is sure to make you laugh.  He had 15 minutes to learn what most people take months to learn.

Then he spoke of how God blessed the production itself and how God was watching out for them finishing on time and in budget.


Listen to the Podcast

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