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CFDb Interview with Chris Whaley

CFDb Interviews Chris Whaley ~ Southern Baptist Minister,
Former Professional Wrestler, and Author of The Masked Saint

ChrisWhaleyheadshotPastor Chris Whaley

Listen to the 22 Minute Podcast Interview

Highlights from the Interview:

CFDb was able to speak with Pastor Chris Whaley recently, the Author of The Masked Saint, which has been turned into a movie which comes out in theaters January 8, 2016.


Background story:

Chris shared with us his very interesting testimony about how he became a Christian and how God answered his mom’s prayer as well.

He also shared about the woman that captured his heart in church, who was instrumental with his decision to ask Christ into his heart.

‘The Masked Saint’, the book and the movie:

Then Chris shared with us the background behind the book and movie and a personal experience he had as a pastor and how he handled a situation in a non pastorly way.

I just went to see him and said ‘Let’s see how you do against somebody who’s able to fight back.

Then he talked about bullies and made an interesting observation.

His wrestling name used to be “the saint” and his experiences led to the writing of the book, which is becoming the movie.

IMG_0471Main Message of the Film:

Pastor Chris informed us that a few things changed in the movie, but the message remains the same…

God is a God of second chances.

He then spoke about the Potter and the Clay scenario talked about in Jeremiah.  This is the story of his life…as well as for all of us.

The Masked SaintPraise to God:

Pastor Chris expressed his thankfulness to God for all He’s done for him and more about the movie‘s release.

Listen to the 22 Minute Podcast

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The Masked Saint Website

Theater List – January 8, 2016 release date


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