Can you name the premier, online, website that is about and for Christian films, actors, filmmakers, directors, producers, crew, and other behind the scenes talent? Before checking your answer (no peeking), if I had asked the same question about a mainstream website for movies, and you happened to be in the industry, you’d probably guess IMDb, Internet Movie Database – a destination that started in 1990, that now has 2,434,085 film titles and 5,075,983 personalities in their database,in addition to 41 million registered users. So how EXCITING and IMPORTANT is it that Christian Film Data base, CFDb, exists and is a pivotal player in the globally influential entertainment industry? And now you have my answer. At Christian Film Database you will find the best, most user-friendly Christian film library online, in addition to numerous resources for entertainment, community, and business support purposes.

Christian Film Database Founders

FaithLauncher spoke with CFDb Co-Founder, Annelie Rudlaff, about their current level of influence (btw, I immediately added their fabulous Pinterest location to mine); their plans to grow the way their database serves its Christian-conscious users; and their partnership with FaithLauncher.

FL: What are your core values?

CFDb: Our core values are Biblically based for us personally. The database is a non-denominational Christian film database, but that doesn’t mean that all the films on the database are Biblically accurate or are all Christian because some films are marketed to Christians but are not necessarily Christian. [Some] are based on a Christian book but the Christianity has been mostly taken out and we try and note those facts underneath the synopsis so Christians can make better choices as to their film decisions.

FL: Whom are you serving?

CFDb: Personally we serve Jesus Christ. CFDb serves everyone that is online no matter where they live worldwide… anyone in the film industry!

FL: What are your primary goals for 2013?

CFDb: One of our primary goals for 2013 is to kickoff our actor/actress pages that will become available to actors to showcase their demo [reels], resumes, etc. Other goals are to have over 2,500 films on the database as well as showcase more films through advertising.

When I asked Annelie about their best practices and she told me that if you have a question about a Christian film, contact CFDb. If they don’t know the answer, they’ll find out for you! She also offered a good piece of advice to film makers, “Let anyone show you’re movie trailer and take advantage of the free publicity!”

She shared more perks and services that CFDb offers which included:

  • Providing links on individual film pages that allow viewers to order the film for screenings at their church.8916264-several-boxes-full-with-popcorn-and-movie-reel-isolated-over-white
  • CFDb’s book, How to Make a Great Christian Film is also available for purchase on their website.
  • As part of their filmmaker resources, they offer a film-critiquing package with a focus group and a free copy of How to Make a Great Christian Film.

FL: What benefits do you intend to provide through FaithLauncher?

CFDb: Our partnership with FaithLauncher will help filmmakers who are trying to fund their film, and by going through CFDb, they will receive benefits such as discounts including ad discounts on CFDb.

FL: How do you plan to impact the culture of your audience?

CFDb lists [all] Christian films and reviews and recommends the outstanding ones so that their audience can be blessed and so that people can increase their faith or find faith for the first time.

CFDb: We also offer a helpful sites page that is separated into sections for filmmakers, actor/actresses, screenwriters, etc.

Helpful Websites

FB: What’s the best way for viewers to engage you?

CFDb is also on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. We encourage everyone to Like them and Follow them on social media (I did). Annelie impressed me when she added, “We will respond to every inquiry.”


CFDb: They can contact us through contact CFDb, or by phone at (719) 687-4394.

FL: How should every subscriber or viewer expect to benefit from a relationship with you?

CFDb: We offer a monthly newsletter where we list the upcoming films for that month as well as a recommended film, an interview, and CFDb news. Anyone can benefit from CFDb because we are a source for all things Christian film.

FL: What would you like us to help spread the word about?

CFDb: CFDb is the most extensive database of Christian Movies ever. We offer an extensive list of categories that people can browse when they are looking for a particular topic for a film.

They are excited that their actors page coming soon in 2013 and, if you are a Christian celebrity or an aspiring one, you should be too. Other new services to enhance film pages, offer monthly stats, allow pages to use their own graphics, and the roll-out of some eye-catching ad opportunities that involve their entire site are also scheduled for this year!