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CFDb Interview with John Schneider

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John Schneider ~
Actor, Director, Producer

John Schneider 1John Schneider

Listen to the 10 minute Podcast Interview with John Schneider

Highlights from the Interview:

CFDb was thrilled to talk to John Schneider, who played Paul Sharpe in the movie ‘Adrenaline‘.  He first spoke with us about what compelled him to begin acting in Christian or faith based movies.


Acting in Christian or Faith Based Movies

John spoke about how he started out in ‘The Dukes of Hazzard‘, which wasn’t necessarily a Christian show and how some pastors said you shouldn’t watch it and some said you should.

He then spoke about Second Chances, written by David White, a friend of his, that wasn’t a sweet, preachy films.  Many faith based films are designed to be entertaining to all.  ‘Adrenaline‘ is that type of film.

adrenaline 1

John’s character, Paul Sharpe, really has the need to ask forgiveness and does, which is so important.  He talks about the kind of apology that boils your blood vs. the genuine apology.

Forgiveness is an important theme in this film.

It’s a film you can watch with your friends at church, with your friends and family that don’t go to church.

It’s not a churchy film, it’s a wonderful film that can help those that watch it…

A film that is entertaining and healing at the same time.

  adrenaline 5

There are other themes in this film, but the main one is the need to apologize.  If you’ve wronged someone, don’t wait for them to point it out.  He talks about how freeing it is to apologize.

John Schneider Studios

We then asked John to tell us about his new studio John Schneider Studios.

It’s 58 acres just outside of Baton Rouge, LA.  It was created to help independent filmmakers.  I would encourage you to listen to all John had to say about his studio.

If you are built to make movies, which is a specific skill set, then this is the place to come.

Listen to the 10 minute podcast


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John Schneider Studios

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