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CFDb Interview with Kevin Sizemore

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Kevin Sizemore ~
Actor, Producer, Writer

Kevin Sizemore 2Kevin Sizemore

Listen to the 18 minute Podcast Interview with Kevin Sizemore

Highlights from the Interview:

CFDb was blessed to discuss with Kevin Sizemore, who played Jerry Stearns in the movie ‘Woodlawn‘ which comes out in theaters October 16,2015.

Kevin Sizemore 3

First Kevin shared with us about his role as Jerry Stearns and a little bit about the film itself.

He told us that Woodlawn is a story set back in the 70’s in Alabama about an unbelievable football player Tony Nathan.

After sharing about his role and the film itself, Kevin talked about the great cast that is included in this film and how

I truly believe ‘Woodlawn’ will set the bar for many up and coming films of faith.

How were you personally affected by this true story?

Kevin went to the real Jerry Stearns house to meet him and talk with him and see his mannerisms and to receive his blessings…

He was there for 9 weeks and he shared a great story about how they were able to get him to legion field and how blessed this experience was for Jerry.

Kevin Sizemore 4Then Kevin told us that Jerry Stearns passed away just before the film was finished and how close Kevin had gotten to him and his family.  He also spoke about the shortness of time.

What are you going to do with your life today?

He gave us a lot to think about.

Kevin Sizemore 8

One of Kevin’s good friends is an atheist and Kevin took him to the movie.  His friend said it was one of the best movies he had seen.

Another friend of his said when he invited people to go see the film he would say:

Hey man, want to go see a good football movie?

This is a movie that Believers and non believers alike can enjoy and perhaps be blessed by.

Listen to the 18 minute podcast



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  1. Lynne says
    01 February 16, 6:14am

    What a great review of an extraordinary man. Thanks for posting.

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