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CFDb Interview with Liam Matthews

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Liam Matthews ~
Producer/Art Director/Actor

Liam Matthews

Listen to the 15 minute Podcast Interview with Liam Matthews

Highlights from the Interview:

CFDb was delighted to speak with Liam Matthews who played Bobby in ‘Do You Believe’ in the beginning of August, 2015.  He first spoke with us about his role within the Christian film industry.

Christian Film Industry

Liam has been a filmmaker for about 15 years and became friends with Dallas Jenkins and started 10 West Studios.  The first production with that company was ‘What If‘.

After that, he developed a relationship with Pure Flix, as they all believe in the same thing, making films that glorify God.

liam-matthewsGod’s Leading in Your Life

We then asked Liam to share about God leading in his life, especially in regards to acting.  He discussed about Hollywood eating people alive and that he always prays to be protected and be guided.  Nothing is worth losing his soul or his heart.

Any bit of celebrity and people treat you differently.

Liam doesn’t want to lose who his is.  It’s important to know who you are and where you’ve come from.

He has a great sense of humor and we laughed about his statement about people not recognizing him as a celebrity.  He gets recognized in church.

Lucky for me no one recognizes me.

Liam 3

The Role of Bobby in ‘Do You Believe’

Next we discussed Liam’s role as Bobby in ‘Do You Believe‘.

Liam shared about Bobby who is a paramedic and a new Christian and a man of his convictions.  He then talks more about the role and the decision that is made during the film that affects his entire life and career.

He mentioned that his role made him think about his relationship with his own wife and moving together as a team and he shared a very scary and sad true life experience that really make him think again about his role.


Upcoming Faith Based Projects

We then asked Liam about any other faith based projects that are coming out that he is involved in and he told us of a couple, including ‘The Resurrection of Gavin Stone‘ that is due to come out Easter, 2016.

Liam 5
He also shared with us that it’s important that we, as Christians, support Christian films.

Listen to the 15 minute podcast


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