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CFDb Interview with Nathan Clarkson

 CFDb Interviews Nathan Clarkson ~
Actor/Producer/Writer of
‘Confessions of a Prodigal Son’

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  Listen to the Full Unedited 18 minute interview with Nathan Clarkson


Highlights from the Interview:

CFDb was honored to speak with Nathan Clarkson, Actor/Producer/Writer of ‘Confessions of a Prodigal Son‘ back in March, 2015.  He first talked with us about his role within the Christian Film industry.

Christian Film Industry

Nathan explained how he first got the bug fairly young.  He always wanted to be a part of the story, enjoying reading and watching and saw the power that stories have.   Stories have the ability to connect and inspire.

“Jesus basically changed the world walking around telling stories. “

He then shared about noticing that power missing in some of the secular industry films.  He wanted to and felt called to be a part of being a storyteller, ones that He wanted to be told.

The background idea about ‘Confessions of a Prodigal Son’

Nathan really desired purpose in his life and that is what drove him to the industry.  When he was in L.A., he met other people that were looking for the same thing…to fill that void.

He already knew God when he was in L.A. and he realized that he was living in a city of prodigals, as well as a generation of prodigals.  That was the catalyst for making that famous story of the prodigal son in today’s time.

Synopsis of the film:

Although Nathan gave his own synopsis in the actual interview, here is the official synopsis:

A coming-of-age, modern, retelling of the Prodigal Son story. We follow newly independent Sean as he takes part of his college fund into his own hands and uses it to begin exploring life apart for the rules and expectations he has grown up with – put in place from his (pastor) father. But after meeting a strong and beautiful girl named Ali, Sean soon finds himself having to question what he thought he knew, all while trying to balance a lifestyle of partying and loose living instigated by his troubled best friend Cameron.

We follow Sean on his journey to discovery, through pain, longing and love and he begins to learn that every choice he makes, steers him ever closer to what kind of story his life is going to tell.

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Special God moments during the filmmaking process:

The entire movie seemed like a big God moment, from beginning to end.  Nathan talked about how God works through people, especially when they say “YES” to Him.

One specific God moment was about that sermon that Kevin Sorbo gave at the end of the film.  The original sermon was very short, but Kevin asked if he could write the sermon for the last scene and Nathan agreed.  It turned out to be one of the most powerful moments of the movie.

Nathan Clarkson 1

Up-coming Faith Based Projects:

Mayflower II – Faith based science fiction film with a strong message of hope and truth.

Untitled – City of Nights is the working title – Working with Storehouse Media – Allegory Film with a lot of adventure, along with redemption


Message of the film:

Nathan really stressed his desire to see ‘Confessions of a Prodigal Son’ reach people.  He is hoping that people will see that we’ve all be prodigals at one time or another.  We all need God’s grace, no matter what we look like, we all need His grace and love.

Watch the entire podcast interview below:

Nathan Clarkson Podcast Interview



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