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CFDb Interview with Stephen Baldwin

 CFDb Interviews Stephen Baldwin ~

Stephen BaldwinStephen Baldwin


CFDb Interviews Stephen Baldwin at the CMA National Media Conference

Watch to the Full Unedited 9 minute interview with Stephen Baldwin


CFDb had the privilege of meeting and interviewing Stephen Baldwin at the CMA National Media Conference.  Here were some highlights from Stephen as he was the keynote speaker for the convention.  I was delighted to find out that Stephen has a great sense of humor and a real heart for serving God and fulfilling the Gospel Commission.


Highlights from the Interview:

First Stephen shared with us his unique testimony about how he gave his life to Jesus.  It’s a great testimony and shows how God works differently in all of our lives.  He then told us to check out I Am Second, where he shared his full testimony, and, although he didn’t mention this during the interview, there is a book about his testimony entitled, The Unusual Suspect.  I would encourage you to watch the testimony on I Am Second, it’s very encouraging and only a little over 3 minutes long.

Stephen Baldwin and me

Next Stephen shared with us about one of his passions, Saints Forts.  This is a Company that provides mobile living spaces (20×20 when they are opened up).  When they are folded they are easily mobile and made of alloyed steel.  It takes 10 minutes to open and can include a bathroom/kitchen.  This is a way to help refugees.  His first goal is to send 100 of these to Poland, hopefully by January, 2015.  Join the effort and help these persecuted Christians in the surrounding areas to have a place to go.

Stephen Baldwin - funny moment

Stephen then talked about the Christian films he’s been involved with, such as ‘Six‘, one of my favorites.  He also spoke about those he’s working on now, including one he is helping write, called ‘Baja’.   He mentioned ‘Tapestry’,  ‘To the Wall’, and ‘Fire and Forgiveness’.  Looking forward to these upcoming films.


To find more about Stephen Baldwin:

@ StephenBaldwin7

Stephen Baldwin Website



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