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CFDb Interview with Tom Whitus

CFDb Interviews
Tom Whitus ~Writer/Producer/Director

Tom Whitus

Listen to the 19 minute Podcast Interview with Tom Whitus

Highlights from the Interview:

CFDb was honored to speak with Tom Whitus, writer, producer and director of the movie ‘Almost Home ‘.

First Tom spoke with us about his background about how after his mother passed away he wanted to do more with faith based films.

He also mentioned making ‘Matchmaker Mary‘, which I know was a film that a lot of people loved.

Inspiration behind the film, ‘Almost Home’:

Tom explained how his mother’s passing was what inspired him to make the film ‘Almost Home‘.  There are many scenes that are actually shot as his father’s house which was an interesting fact we didn’t know.


Although there is an Alzheimer’s element to the film, that was more of a fear of his, rather than something he experienced in his family.

ALMOST HOME ruff cut pic 2Message of the film:

Something that we all need to be aware of is that time is short and we need to make sure our loved ones know they are loved.  Tom shared more of his story and why this message is so important to him and how, as teenagers the goal is to make it difficult for our parents.

Time goes by so quickly, hopefully the teens and the youth will also take this message to heart.

Tom said, “I didn’t want to be one of those people, who in my 50’s, 60’s, and my parents were gone and someone would say, ‘Did you know your parents’, and I would have to say no, not really, because I didn’t spend any time with them as an adult.”

ALMOST HOME ruff cut pic 9

Upcoming Faith Project:

Tom just finished the principle photography ‘Guided by the Word’, which is a road trip picture about forgiveness and loss.  Possibly in the Spring, 2016 they’ll start screening the film for a few distributors.

Listen to the 19 Minute Podcast Here

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Twitter – Sports writer account

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