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CFDb Interview with Travis Freeman

 CFDb Interviews Travis Freeman ~
Inspiration Behind the Film ’23 Blast’

zlbAKP55Travis Freeman – The Freeman Foundation

 Listen to the Full Unedited 17 minute interview with Travis Freeman


CFDb was delighted to speak with Travis Freeman, the inspiration behind, ‘23 Blast‘ and CEO of the Freeman Foundation, which promotes that disability does not equal inability.  We all have some sort of disability.  Travis was one of those that overcame the odds and wants to inspire others to do the same and find the Gospel.  He is also available for church consulting.

Watch the entire podcast interview below:

Travis Freeman Interview


 Highlights from the Interview

Travis first shared with us how he became the inspiration behind, ’23 Blast’ and found out he was 12 years old when he lost his eyesight due to a sinus infection.  It only took 48 hours.  He lost his eyesight, but he could have lost his life.

Travis is a goal setter and he kept setting goals for himself and seemed to really take it well. He believed that God had a plan for his life and was interested to see what God would do with his situation.

One thing he really missed was football and told the story of how his parents approached the football coach.  Great story!


After a little background, Travis told us about how the idea for the film, ’23 Blast’ came about.  It took 23 days to film and he was surprised that anyone was interested in making a movie about his story, since he didn’t think it was movie worthy.

There is also a book that came out recently entitled, Lights Out, Living in a Sightless World, the full back story.

23 BlastTravis has a great sense of humor and he mentioned Alexa PenaVega and Crystal Hunt as we discussed the differences between his story and how he was portrayed in the film.

_MG_4666We then went on to discuss advice to people who have experienced some sort of loss. God is the One we should turn to. God loves us and hasn’t given up on us, no matter what experiences we’re going through.  We have the hope of eternal life with no more pain.  We need to look beyond our circumstances to the Final Future.


For more about Travis Freeman:

Twitter – @tfreeman63

The Freeman Foundation



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