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CFDb Interviews Andrea Logan White

CFDb Interviews Andrea Logan White ~ Actress

= > When and where did you being your acting career?

I got the acting bug in college while taking a theatre class.


= > What has been your favorite acting role and why?

My favorite role was my most recent, playing “Cat” in “The Beginning of The End” who was an edgy, angry, biker girl who has lived a very rough life and is trying to escape the biker gang.


= > Did you meet your husband while acting? If not, how?

NO! LOL I met him at church in Malibu and the irony is, I said I would never marry an actor…. 😉

= > What was it like playing in Marriage Retreat with your real life husband David A.R. White?

It’s always fun once we get on set. Pre-production is always very stressful and at the time of Marriage Retreat, we had moved a week before the shoot, and I also had a newborn. We know each other best, so we always have each other’s back.

= > What is the most powerful Christian movie you’ve ever acted in?

I would say Sarah’s Choice. It has to do with abortion, and my character had one in the film and could never forgive herself, until she received God’s forgiveness. There have been woman that after watching the film, cancelled their appointments to get an abortion… If it saves 1 life, that it the most rewarding experience!


= > Can you share how you think that film impacted lives for Jesus?

We use the film in pregnancy clinics, and it is an awesome way to share Christ’s love to woman who don’t know the Lord and the power of his forgiveness.


= > Are you currently working on any more upcoming films that you can tell us about?

We are in post-production for an end times thriller “The Beginning of The End” and look forward to it coming out March 2013. I also have a few projects set to film this fall 2012.


= > Where can people learn more about you and your acting career?

Go to the PureFlix Facebook page for all updates on our current projects.


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