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CFDb Interviews Anna Zielinski

CFDb Interviews Anna Zielinski ~ Producer/Actress

= > How did you know you wanted to become a producer?

I have always loved all the aspects of the entertainment industry. As an actress, I realized my role is this industry is such a small part of the production process. My curiosity as to how to pull a film or tv production together is what got me interested in producing.


= > How long have you been a producer?


Not very long, just 2 and 1/2 years.


= > What was your first film you ever produced?


Marriage Retreat


= > What is the name of your latest Film Production?

This Is Our Time — A coming of age film about five college kids taking on life after graduation.

Pure Flix is distributing and was the production company on this.


= > What is different about the Special Edition of “Marriage Retreat”? What is the release date for this Special Edition?


Marriage Retreat “Special Edition” has a wonderful “Marriage Guide” that goes along with the movie. It has really nice talking points to help couples reconnect in their marriage. In addition, we have added a “Blooper Reel”, Commentary–my husband and I do this one, it’s quite funny, and a Montage featuring “Sweet Romance” a single by an up and coming Christian singer “Holly Kluge”
Our release date is August 14, 2012


= > Have you acted in any Christian films we might have heard of?


Jerusalam Countdown


We are doing a premiere in Bogata, Columbia in September 2012.


Also, Brother White


= > What was your favorite acting role? (Film, TV, Commercial)


Recently, I did an episode of Castle where I play a medical tech. My scene was with Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin. It was a lot of fun. Here’s the link:


= > Do you have a website where others can learn more about you?


Official Websites: Marriage Retreat “Special Edition”

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  1. Cindy says
    09 August 12, 10:01am

    Great interview. I hear such wonderful things about Anna from mutual friends! She is also an amazing actress who really lights up the screen. I expect her to go far as both an actress and a producer.

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