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CFDb Interviews Caleb Hermann – Director/Producer/Writer

CFDb Interviews Caleb Hermann ~

Caleb Hermann

= > Describe for us how you first got involved in the film industry?

Ever since I was little I always loved messing around with our families old VHS camera. And when I turned 15 I realized I wanted to make films that honored and glorified God. I saw “Facing the Giants” and saw how far someone that didn’t know anything about film could learn by simply producing videos and films. So I started with an old Sony DV camera and that’s what started the journey. I went to college at Calvary Bible College and the University of Missouri – Kansas City (UMKC) and got my bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Production.


= > How had God led in your filmmaking decisions?

I completely believe God was the one that laid filmmaking on my heart from the beginning. I know God has led me through the short films that I have made thus far and can feel His leading in my life now. I always want to make sure that God is behind and working in the films that I make. That doesn’t necessarily mean my films are all going to be Christian films, but I want them to all be led by God and always glorifying Him with biblical worldview.


= > Please tell us more about your recent short film, ‘Fight’.

Fight” is a film about a husband, Luke, who finds out how hard he must fight to keep his purity and save his marriage when pornography gets in the way. The film constantly cuts back and forth to Luke’s real life where he is battling the temptation of pornography and the mental boxing ring where he is “fighting his flesh”.

“Fight” was a project that God placed on my heart while I was sitting in a service at church. My pastor was talking about the passage in I Cor. 9 where Paul says to not “beat the air” when it comes to striving for a righteous life, and my pastor started to explain the boxing terminology that Paul was using in those verses. I have also had a passion for men that struggle with pornography addiction. So I meshed those two thoughts together and came up with the concept for “Fight”.


= > Is ‘Fight’ available for purchase?  If yes, how can people buy the DVD?

Yes ‘Fight” is available for purchase as well as purity bracelets and ‘Fight’ mouse pads. You can find and purchase what you need through our website,


= > Do you have any other films you are currently working on that you can tell us about?

I am producing/directing another short film that I wrote for this summer. It’s based back in the late 60s/early 70s. I’m also planning on writing a feature film in the near future.


= > How can others learn more about you and your work?

I don’t have a personal website up yet but you can look my up and stay updated through my production page on Facebook, And you can like our ‘Fight’ page at


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  1. Robert says
    17 July 13, 11:39pm

    Excellent short bro. This I feel is becoming more and more needed… Media that presents the “monster” of a problem that men everywhere are “fighting” today. Caleb listen to The Lord and keep doing what your doing!!! God bless the talent that he gave you bro!


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