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CFDb Interviews Chandler Smith

CFDb Interviews Chandler Smith ~ Moms4FamilyTV Partnership Representative


= > What is Moms4Family TV and how did they get started?


Moms4FamilyTV was started by a group of regular moms who wanted more for their family from television. Tired of having to dive for the remote, they decided to work together to let the entertainment industry know that there is a growing demand for entertainment that families can watch and enjoy together. In 2009, Moms4FamilyTV partnered with Walmart and P&G’s Family Movie Night initiative and began promoting quality family entertainment.


= > How did you come to work for Moms4FamilyTV?


My husband works in the entertainment industry and giving families great entertainment is a passion we share. I started working for Moms4FamilyTV when a good friend, the co-founder of Mom4FamilyTV, shared her vision for an organization that could speak for regular moms and encourage the entertainment industry to produce quality family television.  I was excited about our mission then and I’m still excited today!


= > What is your role there?  Explain what your job entails?


As a Moms4FamilyTV Partnership Representative, I work with businesses, organization, and non-profits to promote family entertainment.  I love my job because I get to interact with people from so many industries and every day looks different!


= > What is your favorite Moms4Family TV film that you’ve promoted?


My favorite film has been A Walk in My Shoes (December, 2010) because its story line centers around the idea that sometimes your own wounds can be healed by serving the people around you. In my own life, I’ve seen that the more I pour myself out for the people around me, the more I am blessed in return.  I love promoting movies with filled with so much truth!


= > Does Moms4Family TV actually produce the films they promote?  If yes, have you been involved at all in any of the scripts, production, etc.?


Moms4FamilyTV does not produce the films we promote, but we work closely with Walmart and P&G’s Family Movie Night as they produce each film. I’ve been able to go on set for a few movies and really get an inside look at the way movies are made. It’s not as glamorous as I always imagined!  Sometimes you will spend an entire afternoon filming the same 30-second scene over and over again. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s worth it in the end.


= > Are any of the films Christian films?  If yes, which ones? Are there any future plans for creating Christian films?


None of our films are officially Christian films, but each has a universal truth appropriate for the whole family.  Each film has been reviewed by the Dove Foundation and given the “Family Approved” seal with either 4 or 5 doves.  Our films are also endorsed by Focus on the Family, MOPS, Christian Cinema, and are available at Family Christian Bookstores.


= > How can people help promote Moms4Family TV?


I’m so glad you asked!  There are a few easy ways to help promote Moms4FamilyTV:


  • Tune in to the next Family Movie Night!  Go to for airing details.
  • Send an email to your friends and family encouraging them to tune in to the next Family Movie Night.  High viewership ensures more family entertainment in the future!
  • Post on Facebook or Twitter about the next Family Movie Night! Check out our Facebook page at:
  • Join the movement by visiting and get updated on how you can help!


= > Have there been any testimonials from fans about a particular M4FTV movies?


We have gotten hundreds of testimonials from fans, but one of the most moving testimonials came from a woman who watched Change of Plans (January, 2011) a film that centered around the theme of adoption. After watching the movie this woman and her husband decided that they were going to put their fears aside and begin the process of adoption. It is so encouraging to know that there is a little girl or boy who has a loving family because of one of our movies! That is what we are all about—entertainment that changes people’s hearts for the better.


= > What is the ultimate goal for M4FTV?


Networks need to know that families want entertainment that builds them up instead of tearing them down. Our ultimate goal is to give every family high-quality entertainment options every night of the week.


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