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CFDb Interviews Eva Marie Everson

CFDb Interviews Eva Marie Everson ~ Author

CFDb Interviews Eva Marie Everson – Author


= > When did you know you wanted to be an author?

I honestly cannot remember not wanting to be an author. I wrote my first piece for the local paper when I was ten (it’s framed and in my office). My first “novel” was written when I was thirteen. I tortured my classmates by making them read every word. Right now, I’m back home. Tomorrow I’m giving a talk on my work with Unconditional. Already, old friends and classmates have contacted me via Facebook, email, and phone–excited because they feel they were a part of it all! I love it!


= > Did you become an author before you became an editor?  Tell us how you got involved in editing.

Author first, yes. The editing came about because too many were asking me to “take a look and give me your opinion.” I soon realized how much time I spend doing this and that my time (and my knowledge) just might be valuable! 🙂


= > Is it unusual for a book to be written based on a movie, why was it done this way?

I think it’s becoming more popular. I don’t know the full story, but I understand that–once the movie was complete–the producers and director decided they wanted a Bible study, novel, and children’s book to go with it. Believe it or not, as I drove from FL to GA today, I listened to the unabridged audio CD. I admit, it was pretty cool!


= > Are there a lot of differences in the book “Unconditional” from the actual movie?

There were things I had to add because, in a movie we’ll see a character go from A to C (skipping B), and not question it. In a novel, we will question it. So, I had the freedom of asking myself some questions and then answering them with prose and dialogue.


= > How can people purchase the “Unconditional” book?

Favorite bookstores, favorite online bookstores. You can also purchase the book at CBD.


= > Do you have any book currently in the works you can tell us about?

I’m working on a novel for Abingdon Press–a “rom com” called The Last Will in Testament. (Yes, in not and.) I’m having a lot of fun with this!


= > How can people learn more about you as an author?

Go to my website:


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