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CFDb Interviews Fernando Chavez

CFDb Interviews Fernando Chavez ~ Founder of

Fernando Chavez

= > What prompted you to begin FaithLauncher?

A little over 2 years ago, I felt a calling from God that I needed to do more with the gifts I had been given. He also gave me a vision to use technology to help his Kingdom. For the past 10 years, I had worked in Corporate America experiencing rapid success, moving up the ladder, yet knowing that I could do more. Not just do more but do something that would really make an impact. With a background in Systems and Finance, I knew the power of the Internet and realized that I needed to come up with a new method to meet needs more efficiently. From there, I began to formulate the model for FaithLauncher.

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= > How long has FaithLauncher been in existence?

The concept for what is FaithLauncher today came through an evolutionary process of about 2 years. We ran a Beta version of FaithLauncher earlier last year under the previous brand, Ujimma. We liked the term Ujimma as it embodied our passion for the sense of community. Initially, when we introduced our concept to the market we were exclusively targeting non-profits.

We worked with organizations like the Salvation Army among others. We learned volumes during this process and, as God surely intended, we also uncovered an under served market: Christians! At the time, a good solution for faith-based projects didn’t exist. The only option was to use secular sites to raise funds. Hence, this sparked our new direction. After much prayer and careful thought, we decided to restructure, re-brand, and officially re-launch as FaithLauncher. We achieved this in fall of 2012.


= > Explain what FaithLauncher is and how it works?

Project Creators (whom we call Faithdoers) can launch their project for free on FaithLauncher. Every project that gets submitted is reviewed by our team to ensure it meets our guidelines. Once approved, the project owner is notified to get details ready for their launch.

FaithLauncher is not an “All or Nothing” platform; rather we adopt a Keep What You Raise funding model. We believe that what you raise (whether you reach your goal or not) should be passed on to the Project Creator so they can reinvest it back into their concept. After all, it might just be the 2nd go-around of their idea that gives them the winning ticket – we know!


= > Can anyone use FaithLauncher’s services?

FaithLauncher is exclusively for faith-based projects: Christian Entrepreneurs, Filmmakers, Producers, Musicians, Authors, Directors, Artists, Designers, Ministries, and the like.


= > How is FaithLauncher different from other crowd funding sites?

We love this question, as we certainly didn’t want to just be another clone of the “other” guys. We help project creators be more effective by offering powerful tools that support projects before and after they launched.

1. Every Project has the opportunity to work with a coach to help build their project. A coach is synonymous to having a dedicated Crowd funding Consultant who provides critical guidance, tips, and even helps to develop a marketing strategy.

2. We are the only platform that we know about that will offer to promote projects to a targeted Christian audience.

3. Not only do we help to get extra eyeballs on projects but we also put on our PR hats and pitch project to Christian media outlets to bring added exposure and potentially drive traffic back to the project.

4. Launching on FaithLauncher is just plain fun! We offer more ways to engage with supporters/contributors. We give project owners the requisite tools to attract every kind of supporter they need in addition to rewarding, praying, and even building an army of volunteers. We want supporters to know that these projects are definitely something that everyone can help with.


= > Does FaithLauncher offer any other news or services? Please explain.

As far as news goes, we also engage our community with a blog, social media, and a newsletter.
Concerning our primary services, it’s FREE to launch a project and there are 3 plans to pick from (fees are taken from the funds that are raised):

1. Standard Plan: is a DIY approach at 5%

2. Plus Plan: is a partnered approach at 10%. You receive 3 coaching sessions, FaithLauncher’s buzz promotion service in which we promote the project via social media for the duration of the campaign.

3. Premium Plan: brings you added exposure at 15%. You receive 3 Coaching sessions, FaithLauncher’s Buzz Promotion, and Media outreach service. You not only receive exposure thru social media, but we also pitch your project to Christian media outlets with a goal of getting you an interview, a blog post, a column in their magazine, etc. We partner with high profile, Christian outlets that could potentially bring more eyeballs to your project.

4. Custom Plan: if none of these plans fit what you are looking for. We accommodate you to customize an offering that best meets your needs. Each of the following added value services can also be purchased separately. Coaching, Copyright, Buzz Promotion, Press Release, Media Outreach, Video Pitch Editing, and our Full Video Pitch Service.


= > What is your vision for FaithLauncher?

Our vision is to be the largest most supportive online community of faith based projects. Our mission is to empower Christians everywhere to take action, build God’s Kingdom and positively influence our culture.


= > How can people learn more about FaithLauncher?





= > What are the details of your partnership with CFDb and how will that affect people who are raising funds?

Exclusively for CFDb Members FaithLauncher offers the following discounted fee which is taken from the total funds that are raised. Launching a project is Free.

The Plus plan normally 10% (8% for CFDb members)

  • 3 Crowdfunding Coaching Sessions
  • Exposure thru social media to a Christian audience

The Premium plan normally 15% (12% for CFDb members)

  • 3 Crowdfunding Coaching Sessions
  • Exposure thru social media to a Christian audience
  • Project pitched to Christian media outlets for added exposure

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