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CFDb Interviews Frankie Letroy

CFDb Interviews Frankie Letroy ~
Actor/Producer/Writer &
2013 Shine Event Winner of the Hero Award


= > Tell us how and when you knew you wanted to get involved in the Film Industry.

I knew I wanted to be in the film industry after I experienced training and encouragement through AMTC. I’ve always had a love for movies, I would use them as therapy to make it past hard times in my life.

During a great movie, you forget about your situation, or your pain or even where you are. A good actor can stir emotions inside of you and inspire, or even motivate you to have a reaction. And it’s the reaction that brings me to the theatre and keeps me in the video store.

I used to manage  a major movie store chain and I would love to converse and debate with customers on acting and movie direction. Movies/Plays have always been a part of my life. Now I get to act in them!

= > Please share with us a little bit about the obstacles you’ve had to overcome throughout your lifetime.

I grew up in a very abusive household. I grew up in gang violence and my parents became drug addicts. As a child and young adult I suffered from a severe speech impediment. This became so severe I had to learn to speak all over again.

I’ve had to overcome homelessness, hunger and many other struggles of a person coming from a broken household operating in a low income situation. Even with what God has allowed me to overcome it’s not for me alone, but for the glory of the One who strengthens me.

Frankie Letroy Jones

= > Describe for us what the “Hero” award is and how it felt to be one of the winners, this past July at the AMTC Shine Event?

Winning the “Hero Award” at Shine was such a honor for me. Not that we seek out the admiration of others but it was nice to be recognized as a person God has used to overcome many trials. God could have used any testimony he wanted, because we all have something that he has brought us through. The fact that he decided to use mine was so moving I just kept crying, I was still in shock even after Shine.

= > What are your ultimate dreams for your film career in the different fields (Actor/Producer/Writer)?

As a actor I want to make a impact in the films I’m a part of. I want to leave those who watch with a experience that makes them feel something. Then I feel as though I have made it.  As a producer and writer I want bring ideas into reality that touch lives.

Frankie Letroy Jones 1

= > What advice do you have for others that have obstacles to overcome in fulfilling God’s dream for their lives?

You will get what you believe. Let there be no excuse. You have been given authority by God to reach the plans that he has for you. If you couldn’t reach those goals then they would not have been created for you.

My greatest advice… forget logic. Lose the word from your vocabulary.  When God is bringing you to your dreams He will defy logic and no one will be able to explain how He does it and what He will do for you.


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  1. Diane Richardson says
    19 August 13, 10:20am

    Congratulations! This is awesome and so moving!!

  2. brittany says
    05 March 14, 8:17am

    hey frankie aka dad i jus wanna say congrats on everything n hope to see you soon

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