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CFDb Interviews Greg Robbins

= > At what age did you begin acting?

I began acting at age 15 in theatre. I didn’t take it seriously until about age 21. Honestly I was embarrassed that my friends would make fun of me so I kept it to myself at first.

= > What do you like most about acting?

I thoroughly enjoy getting rid of myself and submersing myself into someone else. I enjoy taking an audience on a ride, with a character. It doesn’t matter if it is stage; TV or a movie screen if the audience is sucked in by anything I play that is a good feeling.

= > What was your favorite film you acted in?

My favorite role to play is (Jake) in a pilot/1-hour special called “Lindsey’s Way” Jake is a ranch hand on a horse ranch and the uncle to the star of the movie. He is soft spoken, wise and a horseman. I patterned the character after my grandfather who was a real horse whisperer; I even used his cowboy hat in the movie. I love this character and I look forward to playing Jake in the series.

= > What inspired you to branch out into other areas besides acting?

Actually I have produced by force. I do NOT enjoy the producing side of TV/movie making. That said I have learned a lot and I do a fairly good job as a producer and I do it so I can have fun acting and directing. I like directing for the same reason I like writing and that is I love to tell good stories. I believe I am called to provide entertainment the way God intended it to be. When you walk away from a story I have told I want peoples lives to be better. That sounds corny but if you think about it movies and TV shows are the most powerful influence on the planet next to music and video games. So I want to provide movies that encourage and build people up.

= > Can you tell us a little bit about your newest film “Race to the Finish”.

Race to the finish is a true story that happened to me in 1971 when I was 12. There was a kid on my block that was mentally handicapped and one day when I was walking home from school some kids where beating him up and I jumped in to stop them and I got beat up also. A few days later I was playing football in the street as this boy watched from his porch. I asked him to come play and I let him go out for a pass and he ran faster than any of us had ever seen. So I taught him to run track and entered him into a regional track meet. Through that time we went through a lot of turmoil. But this boy showed love to everyone including the bullies that beat us up. This boy touched so many lives and what ended up happening was a God thing. This is a story that we all need to see. Everyone involved in this movie did a fantastic job and I believe it was God ordained.

= > How has producing Christian films/series impacted the Christian community?

I have done a fair job so far. I would like to say I have done a great job but that isn¹t the truth. I believe all of the stories I have told are God ideas not good ideas or Greg ideas but God ideas so I know that I know the stories I have told can be helpful to mankind. I have not always had the budget to take my time to tell the story. I was taught that if you can tell the story as good as the script you will have a good product. That old saying ³time is money² is very true in movie making, Here is a little movie making lesson ­ in a normal shoot day for a movie we should have 2 minutes of finished and approved footage that actually ends up in the move. Because of very low budgets I usually have to shoot 5-9 minutes a day. On Race to the Finish I did get to take my time even though it was a very low budget because we pray more than we work (Less of us more of HIM) and we got a lot of volunteers and stuff donated that allowed me to put what little money I had into a very good director of photographer (Matt Nardone), a professional stunt coordinator (Peter Kent) and strong producers (Richie Derwald and Emily Sciandra) and a great leading lady (Nancy Stafford). Having these people in place allowed me to focus on the 3 main actors (³Harlan² played by my son Gregory P. Robbins, ³Paul² played by AJ Jabaji and ³Cole² played by Jon Southwell). These fine young actors volunteered their time for this movie and they performed as good as any high dollar actor! I pray that our future products will be the highest quality possible.

= > Do you have any current or future projects that you are working on that you can share with us?

I am trying to get Lindsey¹s Way the movie produced as we speak along with an end of times movie I wrote called THE END and a sitcom my daughter Shauna created and we shot a pilot.

= > How can people find out more information about you and your work?

You can visit <> this is my daughter Shauna Robbins Company that she has started and we are seeking investors and donors for entertainment the way God intended it to be.


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