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CFDb Interviews Jason Freeman

CFDb Interviews Jason Freeman – Cinematographer/Editor/Producer/Director/Writer

 Jason Freeman plus

Jason (on the Left) & Todd Freeman


= > What inspired you to begin making movies?

We grew up with movies. Our Dad was a 16mm film collector, so I was exposed to some great stuff at a very young age, 6 or 7. I can remember him putting up a white sheet on the house and showing movies once it got dark in the backyard. Mostly genre stuff, always entertaining. This had a profound impact on me at a very young age. So my Dad showing me films was the exposure, but the films themselves, whether it was the original King Kong, or a Fritz Lang noir was what hooked me. A Super 8 camera under the Christmas tree followed shortly thereafter.




= > How has God led in your filmmaking choices?

Wake Before I Die” is our first faith-based movie. The other projects have been from a more secular point of view, but even those, as dark as they usually are, are informed by our faith and Christian upbringing. We saw lots of faith-based movies at church when we were growing up as kids and teens. I don’t remember liking a single one of them. This was years ago! The people weren’t very real and the films were preachy and poorly made. That didn’t seem like the route to reach very many people. We’ve had ups and downs in our lives, met a lot of good people and some bad people, so we like to fill our stories with all of these influences and experiences. We hope people respond to that type of thing. I think that no matter the story we feel compelled to tell, that they will always be reflective of our belief in God.




= > Please tell us a little more about “Wake Before You Die” and when do you expect it to be released?

“Wake Before I Die” is an adaptation of a book our Dad wrote in the early 1990’s. It’s the story of a preacher and his family that move to a small town after being called by a new church. It doesn’t take them long to realize that there is a sinister element to the population that will threaten not only the church, but the pastors family as well. It’s currently out to several distribution companies and we hope to see it released later this year.


 Jason Freeman


= > Can you tell us about any other upcoming projects you might be working on?

Right now it’s about seeing our finished films gain distribution. And a lot of writing, of course. The next projects are always percolating. First off is another adaptation of one of our dad’s books “The Dinetah Tapes” which will be turned into the screenplay for “The Rest of Us.” Also we are developing a sequel to Cell Count which traveled all over the world to film festivals in 2012. Finally we’re writing on a script that is a cross between a film noir and horror, and it will be the second film that we co-direct. Very excited to get into production on that one. We’ll see which one comes next… exciting times indeed!

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