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CFDb Interviews Jeff Goodner

CFDb Interviews Jeff Goodner ~ Hope Animation Marketing Coordinator

= > Please tell us more about Hope Animation and what this Company does.

Hope Animation is a collaborative project of many different Christian animators, programmers and designers who want to spread the message and teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible through the use of new media, digital arts, computer games and animation films. We’re not a full-fledged company or organization yet – we’re a few guys who still have our day-time jobs to keep us funded and therefore develop these projects from home in our spare time. We also offer a trustworthy Print and Design Media sector for creating print or digital advertisements, website design and marketing campaign ads for other businesses, churches or individuals.

There is no official Link for this ‘Hope N’ Design’ sector  – we only “verbally” or “in writing” inform customers and clients about this through mail or coversation. 100% of the funds earned from this are given to local or foreign Missionaries.

If clients/customers need something like this, they just use our Contact Page and email us their ‘needs’ for media or print design.

= > What is the real purpose of Hope Animation?

Well, let me re-phrase the question slightly – “How do you reach a generation that listens with its eyes and thinks with its feelings using items produced by Hope Animation?” The main aim and real purpose is to use a 21st Century medium for current Media such as: animations, new media, pc games and film to tell the great story of salvation, teach Biblical truths, encourage and bless others and to make known the message of Hope for Eternal Life with Christ.

= > What is the most popular film that Hope Animation has made?

Hope Animation’s most popular film has been “The Pilgrim’s Progress.” This film was put together privately before H.A. became a company. Scott Cawton, the creator for this particular animation film, saw the need for a new age version of the classic novel by John Bunyan, and one that was easy to understand and able to relate to a twenty-first audience. Because of this film’s prior history and relativity to its new-age audience, it remains the most popular film as well as its new PC Game released just last year (2011)!

= > Does Hope Animation only make children’s films?

Just as Billy Graham has been able to simplify the complexities of scripture for his audience to comprehend solid truth so does Hope Animation desire to present simple Biblical truths and stories for all audiences to better comprehend the message of Hope through Christ Jesus. We have heard from many pastors and missionaries who use these films as tools for ministry to reach all audiences including adults. But to answer your question simply, yes, these films can be viewed mostly as ‘children’s films.’ We are striving to better and improve our creation/design skill to reach our audiences through the Media that is most unique – animation is the growing medium among all viewing audiences whether youth or adult.

= > How long have you been Marketing Coordinator of Hope Animation and what does your job entail?

This position of partnership with Hope Animation is a recent beginning from January of this year, 2012. Currently, I live in Germany working as a business missionary, language trainer and communications and design professional. My personal aim is to unite Christians, serve the community, love God and love others. My job with Hope Animation entails spreading the word about their website and animations through strategic partnerships, networking and general communications world wide.

= > What does the future hold for Hope Animation? What new films are in the making?

The future of Hope Animation is brightening as its name is expanding slowly over all continents. In 2011, Google Analytics showed us that our website was visited by 118 different countries! There are, defined by World Atlas.Com, between 189-196 independent countries globally; so we see that our future is growing and taking shape in places we never thought achievable! At the moment, all our films and games are English language but we do have a new and exciting film on the brink of release (this Summer) for the European population. Strawinsky and the Mysterious House is the title of the upcoming film, and it will be available in Deutsch and English. It is a fast paced story with lots of twists and turns and includes six catchy Disney-style songs that break up the story and add a further level of depth to the animation. It will be the first full-length animation film created solely by Hope Animation’s Director/Creator David Hutter. For more updates you can visit our website and click on the “News” link.

= > Have you ever received any testimonials from customers in regards to how one of Hope Animation films changed or bless their lives?

Hope Animation has received several unique and inspiring testimonials and we have provided a links page to view a few of them. It is amazing and encouraging how the Lord speaks through the mouths and hearts of children to their families and friends about God; even more so the number of adults and youth that begin a journey of personal study and dialog with others about the Bible to learn more about the God that these films teach and depict.

= > Do you have any advice for anyone interested in beginning their own Production Company?

“Whoever controls the media controls the culture.” – Francis Schaeffer. Be ready to fight the ‘Goliath’ of world culture and society! Be in the knowledge and mindset that this is what Christ desires for you. Make sure that you enjoy what you will be doing day-in and day-out. Surround yourself with knowledgeable experienced professionals – and learn from them by asking questions and working along side them. We encourage all persons to use their creative talents and gifts continually for the expanding of His Kingdom, but do so through careful self examination and honesty– Are you a dedicated individual that pursues continuous learning and growing in their knowledge of all items that encapsulate “Media and Culture“ ( i.e. Character and plot development, learn how to create good comedy, voice overs, camera angles, sound; Understand rhythm and timing, graphics and lighting etc…”)? If culture and society change over time – so must your knowledge and skill set; you must learn how to reach the ever changing environment and maintain God’s standard at all times! Never cease to improve upon or expand your knowledge or skill set – this is the mark of a true and respectable professional.

= > How can people find Hope Animation Films to purchase?

In order to help expand Hope Animation’s ‘personal growth and ministry’ you can purchase directly from the website– There is no shipping cost and we deliver world wide! There are many other businesses and websites where we can be found online by some top name shops like: Christianbooks ( , The 700 Club (shop link), The Smile Isles co. (, CD Universe (, and Bridgestone Multimedia Group ( just to name a few. We also provide the opportunity to make donations toward future developments and projects of Hope Animation. If you would like to join our team or become involved with our strategy we would encourage you to contact us via the website email link.


Jeff Goodner
Hope Animation
Marketing Coordinator

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